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Thursday, March 05, 2020

Synthstrom Deluge with TouchOSC on an iPad

Published on Mar 1, 2020 Snowdeaf

Spotted this one on discchord.

"In this video I take a look at using TouchOSC by Hexler to control Deluge's parameters on an iPad.

I made a simple TouchOSC layout for Deluge. This is the first one I ever made so some of the design decisions are not necessarily optimal. The fader types are a lot easier to control on an iPad than the rotary ones.

The layout is made to control all the parameters of the Deluge substractive synth. This video shows only some of the controls. I will make another one for the modulation controls and FM synth parameters later. I hope.

TouchOSC makes it really easy to control all the MIDI parameters that can be mapped by the LEARN button on Deluge. The best way is to make one synth preset and LEARN all the mappings and then use that as a starting point when creating a new synth sound. Sound design on Deluge is a lot easier with the touch interface than trying to find all the parameters on the Deluge grid.

There are some restrictions, though. TouchOSC controls won't go below zero, so Deluge parameters that have negative values like modulation source depth or sidechain volume ducking cannot be controlled. Or at least I couldn't figure it out. Also the initial values of the touch controls do not correspond the values on the Deluge. So it works like some digital synths where you need to move the fader first for the parameter to "catch-up" with the control. That's not an issue once you figure it out.

The iPad is connected to the Deluge with the Lightning to USB 3 Camera adapter. Both the Deluge and the iPad are powered by the power bank. Deluge is connected to the power bank with a Birdcord USB to 9V converter cable.

[No computers were harmed making this video. The sounds were recorded directly to the SD card in Deluge and downloaded to the iPad using Downrush. The video was recorded on an iPhone XS and airdropped to the iPad where everything was put together by LumaFusion.]"

Synthstrom Deluge and TouchOSC: FM Sound Design

Published on Mar 2, 2020 Snowdeaf

"Controlling the Synthstrom Deluge with the Hexler TouchOSC for iPad.

In this video I'm creating sounds with the FM synth of the Deluge and also take a quick look into controlling the arpeggiator and portamento parameters."

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