MATRIXSYNTH: $11,500 "BIG BLUE" Roland JP-8000 Synthesizer w/ Blue LEDs

Thursday, April 02, 2020

$11,500 "BIG BLUE" Roland JP-8000 Synthesizer w/ Blue LEDs

JP-8000 Master Restoration and Blue LED Mod (FULL TECHNICAL VIDEO) シンセサイザー復元

Published on Feb 28, 2020 dasurflife

JP-8000 Master Restoration and Blue LED Mod (QUICK VIDEO) シンセサイザー復元

Published on Feb 28, 2020 dasurflife

"This is just a fun, quick video overview of the restoration."

via this auction

"Straight from 1997, this is the turn key Roland JP-8000 of your dreams. Surely it must be the coolest, resto-mod worldwide and ready for a choice studio. Sitting at it sparks immense inspiration and pleasure from its buttery action, even voicing, and electric blue lighting! It’s been a four-month restoration journey which began on Nov.1, 2019, getting it fine-tuned for its next life venture and I can assure you it is ready to be a landmark of your setup, impressing anyone lucky enough to tickle its ivories. This is a totally unique, one of a kind, JP-8000. I’ve never seen another JP-8000 with all blue led lights and display screen, let alone one masterfully restored to this extent.

Anyone who does a little research on used units knows that the JP-8000 has now reached its “end of life” phase. There are many of these units selling online, primarily from Japan, with low or uneven volume coming from the audio outputs at the rear (from defective capacitors), no audio output at all, broken or uneven keys, memory damaged battery failure, popping sounds when the faders or rotary potentiometers are moved, clacking key beds, yellowed keys, push-buttons that don’t work, etc. At a bare minimum every used JP-8000 really needs all of the polar electrolytic capacitors replaced, because they have a pre-designed life expectancy that has since expired. It isn’t just some used units that need new caps, they ALL need them.

This project was aimed at fully restoring the keyboard action and circuit internals with no expenses spared to provide new life to a dying legacy. All of the wearable items were refreshed. Another goal was making something totally unique and different from all other JP-8000 units. With the upgraded components used this keyboard should last 50 years without needing repairs if it’s covered when not in use, isn’t abused, dropped, or spilled on. This is the definitive JP-8000 resto-mod!

Notification for international buyers: This is a genuine 117VAC unit originally sold in North America. If you would like this unit converted to 100VAC or 230VAC before shipping it to you I can do so. It’s as simple as re-soldering 1 wire on the internal multi-primary coil transformer. No other modifications are necessary as the 100V, 117V, and 230V models all use the same exact power supply boards, filtering, and capacitor sizes. The only change you will need is a power cable with the correct plug type for your wall receptacle. I can supply the power cable for you or can refer you to where you can buy one post-sale. This means you can use the keyboard in your country without needing an external transformer! This synthesizer is truly plug-and-play for any buyer worldwide."


  1. I once modded an Alesis Ion with blue LED's. I didn't realize how bright they were until after I finished the job. Sun glasses are required to play it.

  2. this has to be the worlds biggest idiot if he thinks someone will pay 11k for that!

  3. It's getting to be like the hot-rod and restored car market. It's an exclusive and limited community, and outside of that people just won't be interested.

  4. 11K for a 90's synth with blue leds??? BWAH HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! This has to be an April fools joke. No wait it's April the 3rd. BWAH HA HA HA HA HA HA !!!!! I can't stop laughing and I just tinkled a little in my pants. Thank you for making my day and putting a smile on my face.



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