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Thursday, April 23, 2020

OB-6: "Parallel-12"

Published on Apr 23, 2020 Kris Lennox

"What a sound from the Obi. Patch took a while. ...This piece will take a little explaining:

The work is written in 24-TET (24 notes per octave), but I'm treating it as two stacked layers of 12-TET (12-TET is the foundation of Western harmony), each layer 1/4 tone apart. Hence 'Parallel-12'.

Parallel-12 harmony is something I've been developing alongside full 24-tone harmony. I'll upload a few pieces in this harmonic system in the near future. Some of the changes in Parallel-12 can be achingly beautiful.

The entire system of Parallel-12 is a completely unexplored landscape. But that's partly because I'm developing it :)

There's so much to explore in the world of harmony. Vast, unexplored continents, I'd say. Sometimes it's good to stay at home; at other times it is great to pack supplies and head off into the wilderness.

In Parallel-12, all chords sound 'musical' - but the changes between them can sound very, very unusual. In fact, the changes of this piece have never been heard before. :)

There are numerous Parallel-12 shifts throughout: the changes at the sudden filter shifts should be obvious (and some will be less so).

This was written in MIDI (well, written in the mind, then inputted in MIDI), which is a small nightmare in Parallel-12 (i.e the MIDI notes don't correspond to the actual pitches, so the process takes a very long time). MIDI sent to the synth, freeing up the hands to play with the filters etc (plus in order to physically play this, I'd need more than 88 keys. And even if I did play it, I'd have no hands left to adjust the filter etc! Catch-22).

Time signature is 36/16 (or you could think 4 groups of 9/16).

Very different. :)

All best

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