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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Unique Buchlaish-VCS3ish-Sergeish-Moogish NEuroRack System

Published on Feb 29, 2020 Stephano Gavilanes

via this auction

"Excellent condition. Unique system, features an exact replica Wood Powered Case of the legendary EMS VCS3 "Putney" synth, adapted for eurorack. It incorporates brainwaves/EEG signals as source of modulation (the Neuro portion of it), via module plus headset.

Why settle for an original Putney, or a clone, when you can go far and beyond the too well known sounds of it. See Video Demo using just one patching idea!

The List:
-Pittsburgh Modular - LPG
-2hp - Delay
-DSO 112 - Digital Oscilloscope
-Moog - DFAM MoogFest 2017 Engineering Workshop Edition #4 w/knobs upgrade.
-Intellijel - USB Power (x2)
-Intellijel - Line In
-Intellijel - Digitank (x2)
-Intellijel - Quadratt
-Intellijel - Headphones
-Soundmachines - BI1 Brainterface
-Toppobrillo - Dual Function Generator (Buchla Inspired).
-Thomas White - Quad Resonant Lopass Gate (Don Buchla Inspired). First design!
-Lyra8 - FX
-Shakmat Modular - Time Wizard
-Flame FX6
-Pulp Logic - Express Pedal
-Pulp Logic - DC (x2)
-Pulp Logic - Invert
-Pulp Logic - XOR
-Pulp Logic - Slew
-Pulp Logic - Att-Vert
-Pulp Logic - Cyclic Skew
-Pulp Logic - NSL-32
-Pulp Logic - Mix-A
-Pulp Logic Mix-B
-Hexinverter - Jupiter Storm (Extra module).
-SSSR Labs Kotelnikov (replaced Jupiter Storm).
-Toppobrillo - Triple Wave Folder w/knobs upgrade.
-Endorphin.ES - Furthrrr Generator (Buchla inspired faceplate and knobs).
-Epoch Modular - Rob Hordijk's Benjolin w/Buchla knobs upgrade.
-Synovatron - CVGT1
-Horstronic - Joystick w/knobs upgrade.
-Arc "Serge" - TKB
-EMS VCS3 "The Putney" exact Powered Wood Case Replica adapted for Eurorack (14U/84hp). Comes with power adapter.
-NeuroSky MindWave Mobile Headset V.1 (will include a newer unit for you to configure it with brainterface module).
-Lamp - USB (2 dimming levels).
-Patching cables, some stackables."

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