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Monday, May 04, 2020

Erica Synths PICO DRUM2 // Tiny Eurorack drum synthesiser a BIG sound

Published on May 4, 2020 DivKidVideo


Here we have the new PICO DRUM2 module from Erica Synths. Unlike the PICO DRUMS (which is sample based) the DRUM2 is a full on drum synthesiser. It has 8 algorithms that cross traditional drum & percussion sounds, melodic basslines and some really filfthy hits for drum sounds or riffs. It tracks 1v/oct, has assignable CV to algorithm parameters, decay or algorithm select meaning it’s easy with some careful sequencing to turn a single module into a whole beat and drum kit. With such a wide range to the module there’s lots of patches so feel free of course to skip around with the timing index and sections below. I’ve added lots of beats with no talking, each algorithm is explored, CV configuration is demonstrated and there’s also tuning the DRUM2 into a full drum kit vibe with some careful sequencing.

NOTE - “beat break” patches are no talking patches with the intention of showing the wide range of sounds these can produce across a range of different styles. There’s additional sounds and processing on some of them but they all label what the two DRUM2 modules are doing on screen.


00:00 Hello & patch previews

01:02 Feature run down

02:27 Beat break - drum & bass

02:38 Algorithm - Pulse drum

03:24 Melodic synth voice + noise textures

03:42 Algorithm - Fold drum 1

04:34 Beat break - modulated riffs

04:45 Algorithm - Complex pulse drum

05:35 Beat break - Modbap / wonky hip hop

05:47 CV assign (parameter 2, decay or algorithm select)

07:18 Beat break - Kicks + filthy bass

07:30 Algorithm - Complex sine drum

08:22 Beat break - stereo pairing

08:39 Algorithm - Space snare drum

09:29 Drums as modulation sources

09:47 Turning DRUM2 into a whole drum kit

10:24 Beat break - Hybrid kick / bass

10:39 Algorithm - Noise drum

11:35 Beat break - Chirps & riffs

11:49 Algorithm - Fold drum 2

12:43 Beat break - Percussive FX

12:59 Algorithm - Slap

13:39 Beat break - Bass & noise

13:50 Double sequenced drum kits!"

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