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Thursday, May 07, 2020

New Motas-6 Synthesizer Demos

Published on May 7, 2020 MotasSynth

Previous demos here.


1. Motas-6 phase modulation with arpeggiator
This demo shows the arpeggiator playing with use of the VCO analogue phase modulation features.
2. Motas-6 micro-tuning demo with arpeggiator
This demo shows some of the 32 built-in micro-tunings on the Motas-6 synthesizer with the internal arpeggiator. Motas-6 also allows a further 32 user-defined tunings to be imported using standard MIDI tuning dumps (e.g. using Scala software).
3. Motas-6 synthesizer paraphonic playing demo
This video shows how chords of up to 3-notes can be played on the Motas-6 synthesizer. Motas-6 has 3 analogue VCOs each of which can be set to track independently allowing paraphonic playing.
4. Motas-6 synthesizer phase modulation demo
This video shows some of the phase modulation capabilities of the Motas-6 synthesizer.
Motas-6 allows analogue (or analog) phase modulation of oscillators 2 and 3 to create PM/FM type sounds. Oscillator 3 can be phase modulated by oscillator 2 which can be modulated by oscillator 1 so allowing more complex modulation sounds.
5. Motas-6 synthesizer vector morphing demo
This video shows the vector morphing feature of Motas-6 where 4 patches can be blended in real-time using external controllers such as MIDI control messages or CV inputs. A little external reverb has been applied to the audio output from Motas-6.

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