MATRIXSYNTH: FUNDAMENTAL - New Test Equipment VST by SonicLab In Collaboration with HAINBACH

Monday, June 15, 2020

FUNDAMENTAL - New Test Equipment VST by SonicLab In Collaboration with HAINBACH


"In which I am proud to release the VST instrument I have been working on for half a year with Sinan Bökesoy of SonicLab. Crafted with love and care, this is a rich-sounding and exploration-inviting tool for your music. Its steeped in history, but can be adapted to any music style."

Fundamental - the root of electronic music brought into the now.

Sinan Bokesoy

"Fundamental feels like something Stockhausen, Xenakis and HAL 9000 might have dreamed up after a bender. Recalling the past of electronic music and reconstruction of a massive german vacuum oscillator on a modern instrument with immense possibilities. Proudly presenting a collaboration of sonicLAB and Hainbach."

"Fundamental is a sound synthesis software tool combining the different roots of electronic music history. Fundamental wave engine is a faithful sonic recreation of a vintage Rohde&Schwartz vacuum tube oscillator ( having been widely used at WDR by Stockhausen )

Fundamental leaves behind the limitations of the original device by proposing complex modulation possibilities, stochastic distributions addressing the sonic parameters like frequency , gain, stereo panning etc. in continuum, which has not been applicable until now.

Fundamental feels like something Stockhausen, Xenakis and HAL 9000 might have dreamed up after a bender: recalling the past of electronic music through a dynamic modern reinterpretation of a massive german vacuum oscillator,

A test equipment sound is not pure technically. The gain stage has a vacuum tube and also the frequencies below 60hz do sound anything but a sine wave. All these are the signature of a vintage sonic richness.

The grounds of this project have been founded during a visit to Hainbach’s studio in Berlin, who is well known for deeply incorporating these vintage tools of the past in his modern electronic music since a while. The core idea was basically recreating a test tone equipment sound in software form but with the approach which sonicLAB has followed on its previous products.

The Fundamental software presents you 8 instances of this vintage sine wave generator with all the artifacts and richness of a vintage equipment. That combination is we believe something you should experience.

Some of the features..
unique polymorphing wavetable synthesis without any compromise in data content and precision.

4 dynamic wavetables being rendered for each voice to represent infinitesimal steps of frequency and gain combinations between 1HZ – 3800Hz of the original vacuum tube oscillator.

8 simultaneous voices each with custom freq, gain, boost, panning and modulation settings.

Custom or harmonic frequency distribution of voices with variable spread ratio and tuning table.

4 independent stochastic modulations for each voice (32 in total) addressing all parameters with various continuous, discrete distributions and also standard waveforms.

Full MPE support with various configuration possibilites.

Independent Attack / Release envelopes for each voice with various modes, AR times can be set to degrees of randomness.

Vintage oscillator or pure sine wave mode."

via SonicLab

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