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Saturday, June 27, 2020

Yamaha CS 60 MIDI controlled (HQ re-upload)

Rainer Keizer

"In this video you hear a very simple acid arpeggio, played through MIDI by my Yamaha CS 60 from 1977. The arpeggio is simple, but illustrates the control possibilities over MIDI, along with showing that a CS can even be used for fast stuff that can't be played by hand - it's not just a synth for pads :-)
Apart from playing the notes over MIDI, my CS 60 is controlled by my iPhone - Brilliance and VCF LFO depth.

This is a re-upload from 2013, from my abandoned YT account klorisk.

I just had my CS back from from repair by Mark Cox in The Netherlands. He fully serviced it and built in a marvellous MIDI interface of his own design. The CS now responds to MIDI Note On, to aftertouch and to four separate MIDI CCs to control VCO and VCF modulation, brilliance and level. On top of that, it can route velocity to brilliance and/or level. Even though velocity will then affect *all* playing notes, it gives more expressive capabilities. Mark’s interface is a lot cheaper than the Kenton one and provides slightly different but all the more useful possibilities.

More of my Yamaha CS 60 improvisations (and a lot more musical than this one):

The app you see on my iPhone is "MIDI Designer Pro” ( I’ve been a beta tester for it, and can highly recommend it for creating your own controllers. What you see here is just a quick layout to ease the setup of the CS MIDI interface, and to have the MIDI CCs under dedicated controls. A layout like this can be set up very fast.

Apparently Mark Cox only ever built in five or six of these MIDI interfaces into CS-60s - he only builds them in on location in The Netherlands - so I doubt that my MIDI Designer layout is of any interest to anyone else ^^

CS-60 MIDI interface:
(just mail him for questions - the website itself has never been anything else than "under construction")

My music:"

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