MATRIXSYNTH: Atlantic Coast - An Ambient Session (Blofeld, reface CP, Specular Tempus)

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Atlantic Coast - An Ambient Session (Blofeld, reface CP, Specular Tempus)

Lanthan O'Ide

"An ambient jam featuring the Blofeld and the reface CP.
With lots of reverb because... well, why wouldn't ya? XD
Anyways, hope you'll like it! ^^
For those playing along at home:
The key is C major, because it's the key that allows me the "smoothest" chord transitions on the Keystep's small keyboard.
The tempo is 60 BPM.
The setup:
The Keystep sends MIDI to the Blofeld, which creates the pads.
I've got a sustain pedal on the Keystep, so I don't have to hold down the keys that long.
Both the Blofeld and the reface CP send their audio to an off-screen mixer.
From there, I have a reverb bus going through the Specular Tempus, which is why the "Blend" knob (aka "Mix") is set to full.

I'm doing this, so that there can be different amount of reverb on the pad and the keys.
So the pads sound further away than the keys, which adds some depth to the mix.
(I.e. not everything is in the foreground)
Mistakes I've learned from:

Always double check your delay times are really synced. ^^'
I'd set the knob on the CP just a little bit wrong, and it sounded as if the timing of my playing was way off. I was really close to scrapping the whole thing and recording it all over again, when I found the real problem.
As usual, let's close off the video description with some links:
Here you can stream & download my music!

Also, just in case you haven't seen it yet:
I've got a new album called "Oceanic" on Bandcamp! :D
...doesn't include my latest two songs, but maybe you like it anyways. ;-)

As alway, thank you for listening!"

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