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Friday, July 31, 2020

elta music pm-02 exploration


"the elta music pm-02 is a eurorack version of the recent polyvox-m desktop unit. it is a simplified version of the original polyvoks synthesizer; possessing similar oscillator and filter circuitry.

this synth is my first in-person exposure to the polyvoks family. it certainly lives up to its reputation. the oscillators are raw and dirty (though cleaner when patched out to other modules). the filter is dirty and has the most violent resonance i've ever heard. the envelope is nice and snappy. the unit is gorgeous and built like a tank. it has enough jacks to easily incorporate other modules.

while i enjoyed using the pm-02 i found the filter lacking in musicality. it's generally rough and dirty (not a bad thing); and adding resonance just makes it louder and dirtier. i was pleased by the saw and square oscillators. the square can sound nice and woody. to me the triangle oscillator sounds more like a muted saw than a triangle. i struggled to create bell-like tones for example.

due to the general character of the filter i've decided to look at other options; but if you like the tone of this synth it's an excellent choice. it's well built and excels at hard, sharp, dirty, nasty sounds.

filter sweeps (low pass) at 0:15
filter sweeps (band pass) at 5:26
saw arp at 8:48
bass line at 12:02
triangle arp at 16:11
band pass lead at 21:08

patch notes:
elta music pm-02 thru dod rubberneck, walrus audio fathom x2, strymon dig and boss re-20

disclaimer: module was purchased out of pocket for music production purposes"

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