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Monday, July 27, 2020

malekko manther growl exploration


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the malekko manther growl is a synth voice for eurorack based on their manther desktop synth. it includes a cem3340 vco chip and an ssm2044-based analog filter. it has separate levels and outputs for the square, saw and triangle oscillators. it has two adsr envelopes with outputs and an lfo with multiple destinations and an output. it has a wavefolder with two modes: tri or all. the all mode folds all waveforms and the external input post-filter.

i've had my eye on the manther desktop for some time but knew i wouldn't utilize the built-in sequencing capabilities. upon discovering the manther growl i realized i could replace a number of modules in my existing rack (including my a-105 vcf which is based on the same ssm2044 chip) with room to spare.

after spending a few hours with the manther growl i'm very impressed. it's straightforward and sounds as good as the specifications suggest. the filter has a nasty, vintage character. the oscillators are beefy. the wavefolder is a unique addition that introduces unpredictable sonic variety. all the tools i like in a single oscillator synth are there.

my only critique is that driving the levels doesn't seem to alter the tone. the manther growl sounds as though it's always being driven. that said, it's still capable of subtle sounds. what it excels at though are thick, heavy, nasty, dirty tones. in short, it does what is says on the tin.

filter sweeps at 0:05
bass line at 4:30
saw arp at 6:45
wavefolder chaos at 10:31
triangle arp at 14:43

patch notes:
malekko manther growl thru walrus audio fathom x2 and boss dd-8

disclaimer: module was purchased out of pocket for music production purposes"

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