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Sunday, August 30, 2020

Korg PolySix Analog Polyphonic Synth With MIDI + Mods

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"• Modifications :

-CLONE KLM-367A PCB. Brand new control board! Slightly lower-noise TL072 op-amps used instead of 4558's, high-quality long-life electrolytic capacitors, original rare transistors. Includes new CR2032 coincell battery (memory backup).

-VOICES DIRECT OUT. An extra output socket has been added that bypasses the Polysix Effects section, which normally adds noise even when set to "off" - bypassing the Effects section results in a much cleaner sound!

-EFFECTS IN. An extra input socket has been added to route external sounds through the analog "Bucket Brigade" Polysix Effects section. When in use, the Effects output is routed to the Output and Phones, while the internal Polysix sound is routed to the Voices Direct Out.

-SAW-PULSE WAVEFORM. The Saw Waveform can be used in combination with the PulseWidth Waveform, and there is a toggle switch to enable or disable the function. The waveform mix is saved in the patch data as well!

-MIDI IN. Includes Bob Tauntek's Polysix MIDI interface. Basic MIDI IN functionality: MIDI channel setting, Note On/Off, and the ability to MIDI clock the Arpeggiator. The functions are set by holding down specific keys during power-on. There is a small instruction sticker located under the keys for easy reference.

-ADDITIONAL NOISE REDUCTION. Extra steps were taken for optimum noise levels. Although this Polysix does not include the KiwiSix kit, all the additional grounding steps to reduce hum that are described in the KiwiSix installation have also been performed. Slightly lower noise TL072 op-amps have also replaced all the 4558's on the KLM-368 Effects PCB. Perhaps there is no audible difference - but it sounds great, in any case!

-SERVICED AND TUNED. The synthesizer has been adjusted to the exact specifications and tuning described in the original Korg service manual. It was given a general cleaning, rubber key contacts were refreshed, sticky tact switch buttons addressed, loose knobs tightened, etc. It's in excellent working condition!

-COMES LOADED WITH ORIGINAL FACTORY PRESETS. Presets can be backed up or restored with only minor headache using audio files and the PolySix Tape Interface."

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  1. Do you have explanation/schematics for the Direct out and effects in mods? Sounds like something I wanna try out on my own p6!




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