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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Korg Polysix: The Dream Sounds


"korg Polysix with kiwi mod (and Eventide Blackhole).

Here are an array of sounds, many of which i built from scratch. This is a new synth to me. i have only owned it 1 week, so i can't really give a definitive sense of how well it stacks up to my other synthesizers... I never like the "this is the most amazing synth I've ever used!!! I just bought it today." because feelings change and time tells us a lot more than our initial impressions.

That said, I am finding this to be up there with my favorite synths. it has a tone that I never experienced with Juno's, JX series, Matrix 1000, or Polaris (in terms of pure analog synths). The Polaris is theoretically superior due to the two oscillators, but yet, I don't quite feel it has the same character.

The JX-3P is very sturdy, its character is mostly in the Chorus. I actually quite like the chorus in the Polysix, but it is mono so no stereo effect as in the Juno.

I've owned a Juno 106 but sold it because i felt the Matrix 1000 sounded superior (was a dumb move to sell it but I feared the osc chips were going to die and at the time there weren't replacements like there are today). i've borrowed a Juno 60 too... in all cases i prefered my JX, apart from the interface and some features. i still think the JX is a great synth and i appreciate the aesthetics of the thing. The Korg feels like its on another level. Knobs spaced apart just right. Not a lot of features, but they still feel right. I could get lost in the design without feeling like the UI was separate from the instrument... ie, the whole thing feels right.

When my Polaris is back from the shop, i plan to do a shootout between the Polaris and Polysix. I'm curious which one I can more easily create sounds I like with...."

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