MATRIXSYNTH: Polar Orbit - A Live Synth Jam (Blofeld, reface CP, Specular Tempus)

Friday, August 28, 2020

Polar Orbit - A Live Synth Jam (Blofeld, reface CP, Specular Tempus)

Lanthan O'Ide

"Dunno what style this is. It's not really Berlin School, it's clearly not Ambient...
Let's just call it "Indie Electronica", that can't be wrong, right? ^^'
Anyways, I had heaps of fun jamming, hope you'll like enjoy listening too. ;)
For those playing along at home:The key is G major / E minor, the tempo is around 110 BPM. But I'm using the Blofeld's internal clock, and I'm not sure how steady that is.
A view behind the scenes:

So... As some of you may have already heard, I've been busy tinkering again.
But instead of doing something with Arduinos as usual, this time I thought "how hard can coding VSTs be, anyways?".
So I've made my very first VST plugin! I call it the "Arclight".
Nothing too fancy, all it does is take an input note and expand it into a chord.

And that's what you can see in the video: I'm playing my root notes on the QY100, which sends them to my laptop, where they are expanded into chords. Those are passed on to the Blofeld, which does two things:
a) It puts them into its arpeggiator
b) It filters out the lowest note, and uses it for the bass.

The rest is just my normal setup:
Both the Blofeld and the reface CP's audio get passed through the Specular Tempus, and are recorded by my laptop.
More info on the Arclight:

Metaphorically speaking, it illuminates the space around your solo. So that's where the name comes from.

The Arclight creates full voicings for pads and atmos from a single root note. So you can play pads with just one finger, and have a hand free for soloing! Or sequence chords with a simple monophonic sequencer! ...or do something entirely different and feed the output to an arpeggiator. ;-)

If you like, you can try it out for yourself.
I've put it into the download section of my website, the link to that is among the others.
Well then, let's close off the video description with some links:
Here you can stream & download my music!

As alway, thank you for listening!

- Lanthan"

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