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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Roland Releases Version 2.0 Update for the TR-8S Rhythm Performer - Including FM Synthesis

Roland TR-8S Rhythm Perfomer v2.0 Update: FM Synthesis, New INST FX & More

"The Roland TR-8S v2.0 Update adds a powerful FM sound engine that brings a whole universe of sonic textures to the modern drum machine classic. Unlock the power of FM with the new MORPH feature—an ultra-expressive macro control that lets you sweep through an array of tonal variations, wildly manipulating FM depth, ratio, and feedback…all with a simple twist of a knob.

Also, in the TR-8s v2.0 Update is a new RELOAD feature that lets you immediately jump back to your previous settings with a simple shortcut. Not only does this save time getting back to your initial sound, but you can use it as a performance feature for build-ups and transitions. RELOAD also works for PATTERNS, TRACKS, FADERS, and KNOBS too. After adding layers and layers of instruments to your pattern, jump back to your original saved pattern with a simple shortcut!

We've also added a few more INSTRUMENT FX in v2.0 to inspire your next drum sound designs. Add SATURATOR to give more warmth and drive to your drums or use SPREAD to give them a 3D feel. FREQ SHIFTER and RING MOD work perfectly with the TR-8S FM sound engine providing everything from smooth bell-like tones to harsh, clangorous noise depending on your mood."

Review: Roland TR-8S V2.0 // How does it compete? // 10 performance ideas and tricks (Roland TR8S)


0:00 Intro
1:15 What’s new?
1:30 FM synths
2:50 How Morph works
4:20 Sound demos of FM drum synths and synths
10:40 Cowbell...
11:05 New effects
12:45 New shortcuts
17:50 Connectivity
18:40 Key features
19:50 Sequencing
20:20 Automation
21:25 Sample controls
23:15 IDEAS & TIPS
23:25 Mixer view
23:50 Gain vs faders
24:20 Send defaults
24:45 Weak & accent
24:55 Compressor
25:15 Tune melodies
25:50 FM sweet spots
26:10 Filter harsh FM
26:40 S&H LFO
27:40 Easy polyphony
28:35 Pros & cons
32:10 FM Jam

And the official press release:

"Free Firmware Update Offers Next-Level Enhancements That Make the TR-8S the Most Complete Drum Machine Ever

Los Angeles, CA, August 11, 2020 — Roland announces TR-8S Version 2.0, a powerful new firmware update for the flagship drum machine in the AIRA series. Carrying on the genre-defining legacy of legendary Roland drum machines like the TR-808 and TR-909, the forward-thinking TR-8S Rhythm Performer has been lauded by musicians, producers, and reviewers around the world. The free Version 2.0 update makes this already-powerful instrument the most complete drum machine ever, offering next-level enhancements like an FM synthesis engine with Morph control, expanded performance effects, and helpful reload functions to speed up workflow.

The TR-8S puts an unlimited creative palette at users’ fingertips with ACB recreations of historic TR drum machine sounds, a diverse range of onboard samples, mono/stereo sample import capability, and premium effects—all driven by the famous “TR REC” sequencer and a deep mixing interface built for real-time performance. Version 2.0 extends the possibilities even further, bringing a new dimension of sound creation to the iconic TR platform.

The newly added FM synthesis engine delivers an array of futuristic tone colors, including silvery metallic hits and other harmonically rich percussion sounds. Users can sweep through sonic variations with the ultra-expressive Morph control, wildly manipulating FM depth, ratio, and feedback with simple knob movements. FM sounds can be freely blended with classic TR sounds and custom samples, paving the way to never-before-heard grooves.

The TR-8S includes many percussion-tuned effects for enhancing individual sounds or entire kits with character, depth, and space. Version 2.0 adds Saturator, Freq Shift, Ring Mod, and Spread effects to the mix, which can be assigned to control knobs for shaping sounds on the fly.

Version 2.0 also adds many reload functions that restore pattern and kit elements to their stored states with quick actions, providing exciting new ways to manipulate beats while creating sounds and performing live.

To learn more about the TR-8S Version 2.0 update, visit"

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