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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Korg Prophecy Used and Signed by Joe Zawinul in 2005?

via this auction

Update: be sure to read the comments at the bottom of this post. The signature does not appear to match others online. Do an image search for Joe Zawinul signature and see for yourself.

Description from the original listing:

"In good condition, with the original phosphorescent adhesive tape used by Joe Zawinul.

Used by Joe Zawinul in concert at the Big Mamou club in Bucharest in 2005.

Having the fluorescent adhesive tape used by Joe Zawinul to mark the buttons, it has been carefully cleaned.

Joe Zawin signed on the back of the instrument.

The last photo is from the concert where Joe Zawin gave autographs.

The synthesizer works perfectly."


  1. This is not Joe Zawinul's signature at all. That's not even his handwriting! And why would Joe ever put tape on a synthesizer he's been using since 1994? He perfectly knows where the buttons are. No need to mark them. Also, why would he ever play on someone else's Prophecy? There's no use, it doesn't have his presets. He always toured with his own gear anyway. Don't buy that. This seller is a fraud!!

  2. I would add that Joe never touched the buttons marked by the adhesive tape while performing. He would only use the pitch bend/modulation, the program keys and some of the 5 control buttons underneath the screen. That's it. I hope nobody bought that thinking it was touched and signed by Joe. Even if it's a wonderful synth, it's not Joe's signature. Period. And the seller should be ashamed of making money on his back. Joe would have punched him in the face big time.

    1. I don't know how this comment that incites violence was approved. But I am convinced that the one who accuses unjustly will soon receive his divine punishment - including from Joe.

  3. I found here the event organized in honor of Joe which was Jam-session. The Prophecy synthesizer was staged by Raul Kusac. I found here the photos from the event organized in honor of Joe which was Jam-session. The Prophecy synthesizer was staged by Raul Kusac.

  4. The following comment came in via an anoymous reader. I accidentally hit the delete button instead of the publish button. Apologies to the person that left the comment, but here it is:

    "Well, it's not a scam. There were dozens of musicians at this event organized in honor of Joe Zawinul by his friend. Korg Prophecy belonged to the musician Raul Kusak who put it on stage. There is no doubt that Joe Zawinul signed this instrument, as he signed Prophecy in public. It is understandable that sometimes there are people who give their opinion in ignorance. But that's how it is in life, isn't it?"

  5. I'm the one who wrote the first comments. I don't know why they came as anonymous. Again, this isn't Joe's handwriting. I have several personal items signed or handwritten by Joe. This is nothing like that. Why would he change his signature, all of a sudden? You can look it up online, there are lots of signed photos you can find. It's always the same signature.
    I'm not denying that Joe participated to this event, but there are no pictures of him actually signing or using the keyboard - yet it's been advertised that way, and it's wrong.
    Regarding Joe Zawinul, I'm everything but an ignorant, I can assure that.
    Peace out ;)


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