MATRIXSYNTH: Motor Synth: patches demo (no talking)

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Motor Synth: patches demo (no talking)

Floyd Steinberg

"Just browsing some patches I created on the Motor Synth. Table of contents for fast browsing below! Showing of the acceleration/brake feature, opening and closing the filters, resonance, LFO stuff, envelopes and all those things. There are some instances the microphone audio is on, so you can hear the engines running. The synth was connected to some guitar pedals

Table of contents:

00:06 default patch (saw wave)
00:50 microphone on...
01:14 acceleration/brake demo ("pitch envelope")
02:10 (filter manipulation)
02:25 "arp thing" (arpeggiator can be used on each oscillator seperately)
04:00 (filter eg manipulation)
04:17 "bass drum"
04:25 "brass two"
05:12 "dat bass"
05:57 "first" (slow LFO=arpeggiotar-like effect)
06:23 (filter manipulation)
07:06 "flute" (square waves)
07:45 "fm warble" (frequency modulation)
08:10 (filter manipulation)
08:34 "lead this"
09:13 (filter and lfo manipulation)
09:41 "motor mod" (sound picked up from the motors directly)
10:00 (filter manipulation)
11:00 "pad" (some filter drive, lfo and envelope stuff)
12:10 "pulser" (square wave lfo)
13:06 "rotation"
14:00 "saw arp"
14:30 microphone on...
15:08 "saw pad" (filter sweep pad)
15:34 "saw piano"
15:56 "sine piano"
16:26 "slap base"
16:42 "slide and glide"
17:09 "square arp"
17:20 "square bell"
17:38 "stab"
17:50 "strange pluck"
18:13 "sweet arp" (super fast rpm patch :-) )
18:44 "wah wah" (filter lfo & envelope)
19:05 "warm pad" (filtered saw waves)"

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