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Sunday, September 13, 2020

New Open Source CTAG TBD Eurorack Module

Creative Technologies

"CTAG TBD as in 'to be determined' is an open source eurorack audio module. All sounds and effects in this video are CTAG TBD, no extra processing!

It can be easily extended by your own DSP algorithms using a flexible c++ plugin architecture.

It's core feature is control of your plugin parameters through a web application UI and WiFi access. You basically log onto your TBD with a browser, choose your active plugin and modify its parameters. You can store patches per plugin. CTAG TBD recalls the last active plugins and patches upon reboot, so you continue making music where you left off.

All source (hw+sw) are available on

More introductory videos will be available on this channel soon, with specific focus on functionalities and how to add your own code.

If you are interested in beta hardware email subject "TBD REQUEST"."

Playlist for the videos above:
CTAG TBD open source eurorack synthesizer module
CTAG TBD Walkthrough
CTAG TBD Codewalk
CTAG TBD meets Lyra 8 and Strämpler as insert fx
CTAG TBD pop crackles noise
CTAG TBD to create atmospheres
Rings, Plaits, Sheep algorithms ported to TBD

Additional details via Instruments of Things

"The TBD (i.e. to be determined [by you!]) Eurorack module aims to be a community driven project to provide a flexible platform for easy implementation of your own or to port existing DSP algorithms to Eurorack. TBD comes with a selection of ready-to-use plugins, which can be used as a base for your own plugin development. It offers a web-based user interface for plugin and system configuration accessible through the modules WiFi (wireless computer network).

Key Features

– WiFi (802.11b/g/n)
– Stereo audio I/O (16 bit / 44.1 kHz, 1ms latency / buffer size)
– 2x 12 bit CV inputs (configurable -5…5V or 0…5V)
– 2x trigger inputs (0…5V)
– 2x trigger buttons
– 2x CV potentiometers (configurable bi- or unipolar)
– Input audio gain for each channel

– Flexible plugin architecture based on C++
– Web app for plugin configuration and presets based on REST
– Mappable plugin parameters to hardware UI elements and CV inputs
– Automatic UI rendering based on JSON plugin descriptor structure
– Selection of factory plugins based on other open source projects:

– Mutable Instruments Rings
– Mutable Instruments Plaits
– Mutable Instruments Sheeps
– Freeverb
– GVerb"

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