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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Motas-6 analogue synthesizer HPF Resonance Source & Wavefold Demos

Plastic Playhouse

"The Motas has a very unique feature in that the first low pass filter can obtain its resonance from the hi-pass filter, You have to play around with the filter routings to get it to ''work'' (obviously you can do what you want) but you can get some insane sounds from this.

In this video, all the sound is just coming from LPF1 and the other two filters are turned right down but they're still having an effect on the resonance character of filter 1 as you can hear.

I also make use of the mode where if you press page lock and value lock, the modulation settings are automatically mapped to the front panel so long as you keep those two locks engaged.. This makes it a breeze to tweak modulations and very fun / easy to find sweet spots with various parameters."

Motas-6 Analogue Synthesizer Wavefold Demo

"I made this video as I mainly just wanted to give an impression of what it might look like programming something on the Motas-6. It's a crazy deep synth but it's actually very easy to program..

Unfortunately this really isn't the best video showing that in that this wavefold-like stuff is a recent discovery for me and I'm still working on finding the sweet spots within it. I tried to just show as quickly as I could a large range of timbres that can be had from this one particular technique but again, there is so much range to this one particular approach that I've only ended up showing a very small selection.

I'm going to be doing quite a lot of videos on this synth, similar to this video, I'll be sure to approach this particular technique in a few different ways (drones next time) I'd been GASing for a wavefold synth in my set up but no more since I found I can get those kinds of sounds and more with the Motas."

Update: one more:

Motas-6 Analogue Synthesizer PM / Wavefold exploration demo

"Seeing as the other video on this PM wavefold stuff was so terrible, I made another and am much happier in this one and how it shows off some of the range of sounds you can get out of this.

I'm deliberately limiting myself to using just the output of VCO3 and not using any other features of the synth apart from a bit of filter stuff right at the end to show how nicely this stuff responds to it.

I know I keep referring to this as wavefolding, I'm not sure that it is that as this synth wasn't designed to do it but I was inspired by the use of 0hz operators / carriers on the yamaha fm synths and was pretty surprised at how closely this resembled wavefolding both in sound and in how it appears on an oscilloscope.

For anyone looking at buying this synth, I can't praise it enough! It's honestly my dream instrument and I can't get enough of using it, It truly is like a huge modular system in small format with all the benefits of a digital brain."

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