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Monday, November 30, 2020

"100%" Series



1. 100% DX7
A track by Rob Parker featuring the Yamaha DX7 as the sole sound source. Processed with an old Lexicon MX300. This was the first "100%" song I did in 2011 and was released on a short EP I did in 2014 called ""iMinimalist."
2. 100% Minimoog Voyager
A track by Rob Parker featuring the Moog Voyager as the sole sound source. NOTE: If you're listening on a phone or anything with a mono/summed mono device. Somehow, certain sounds like the snare are out of phase between left and right channels. I no longer have the multi-track files of this song so I can't correct it. Put in some earbuds, headphones, or best of all, some decent speakers on a desktop to get the best experience. It's Moog after all; you wanna hear that girth.
3. 100% MS-20 Mini
A track by Rob Parker featuring the Korg MS-20 Mini as the sole sound source. I'm not sure what I was going for here. Is it dubstep? Anyway, nothing will ever top the MS-2o Mini song by Koishistyle - check that out!
4. 100% Gaia SH-01
A track by Rob Parker featuring the Roland Gaia SH-01. What an awful name for a synth, let alone a song. I really should have left it out, but this was on the first trip-hop record I did called "Fathomer," which is here on the channel. This was my first knobby synth along with a blue SH-101.
5. 100% M1
A track by Rob Parker featuring the Korg M1 as the only sound source. When I think of the M1, I think of early 90's house/dance music. Thusly, I made the most stereotypical 90's dance track possible...
6. 100% K1
I tried shooting for an 80's EBM feel for this one. The K1 can be a difficult synth to work with but the sound is certainly unique. Like it sounds good until you try to use it in a mix, but when it does work, it's great."

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