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SOUNDMIT 2020 - LIVE - Doug Lynner - Modulisme

"Synthesist Doug Lynner composes and performs experimental electronic music internationally.
Doug is known for his intimate, “In-The-Circuit” performance style. That style has given birth to his “Living Synthesis” compositions - part fixed composition, part improvisation, part circuit immersion.
His process is to create unique instruments for each performance that are self-active and cross-influencing in which he participates through direct interaction with each instrument’s autonomic activities through their knobs, switches and patch cords.
Basing his aesthetic upon the notion of “sound for sound’s sake” he explores the intrinsic value of sound through mixtures of ambient, avant-garde, rhythmic, modular tonalism and soundscape genres.

Doug received a BFA in Music Composition from California Institute of The Arts. His mentors were Morton Subotnick, Harold Budd, James Tenney, Leonid Hambro, and Nicholas England.
He was editor/publisher of Synapse, The International Electronic Music Magazine, and has produced dozens of modular synthesizer video tutorials that he offers to the modular synthesizer community."
SOUNDMIT 2020 - LIVE - SKR Project - Torino Modulare


SOUNDMIT 2020 - LIVE - Illusion of Safety - Modulisme

"For the session I will be performing live takes on a pre-patched Buchla format modular, focusing on some specific modules. For audio sources the 1979 Modal Synthesis Voice and Digital Resonator, & the Model 259C waveform generator. For processing; the Verbos Time Domain Processor Model 288V, & Lassence Multimode feedback filters model 13700 MKII and Dual Duality Filter within a feedback system incorporating the 205r matrix mixer. Timing events provided by Eardrill Pendulum/Ratchet Model 077 and Verbos Programmable Pulser Model 243."

Illusion of Safety From 1983-2015, and resurrected in 2020 Illusion of Safety has been the ongoing project of Daniel Burke (b.1960) working alone and with many collaborators. Like many projects of a certain age it frustrates attempts at pat summation. It began after Burke drew from Throbbing Gristle’s farewell concerts the impetus to make sound his vehicle for confrontation, self-discovery, connection, and transcendence. Their music is the terra incognita where sound, silence, noise and music intersect.

Using conventional instruments, sound generating devices and random objects, IOS hews sonic sculptures that deliberately provoke, mesmerize and confront listeners. Releasing over 30 full length records, tapes, and CD’s on Complacency, Odd-Size, Staalplaat, Tesco, Silent, Soleilmoon, Korm Plastics, Experimedia, Waystyx, Drone, and No Part Of It. Performing over 300 live concerts throughout Europe and the states. Notable performances include No Fun 2008, the Wroclaw Industrial Music Festival 2009, Sonic Circuits in 2010, and In collaboration with Shen Wei Dance Arts in 2011, for his work “Still Moving”, Burke performed live at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC with a six channel surround system.

Outside of IOS Burke has collaborated with Jon Mueller, Randy Greif, Darin Gray, Z’EV, Cheer-Accident, Jim O'Rourke, Thomas Dimuzio, Kevin Drumm, Jeff Jerman, Eric Lunde, Bill Horist, Al Margolis, Olivia Block, and Travis Bird. From 2013-2016 he had a radio show called “Patchworks” incorporating many historical official releases as well as the output of many citizens of the Muffwiggler forum, snippets of demos, interviews, dialog, and live modular performances on WNUR at Northwestern University.

The IOS collaboration with Z”EV (R.I.P.) from 2008-2010 is being released on vinyl this year on No Part of It in conjunction with Drone, Korm Plastics, and other labels.

In 2014 the game of life web label published “Modern Magic” by Soundoferror, Burke’s alias for new electronic and synthesizer based music. He has just posted the album “Focused Systems Approach #2 Aalto Sleep Shapes” on the website.

He has recently been studying piano and has started a site for new more musical endeavors that is not specifically of an experimental/electronic/synthesis nature called Finite Material Context which will also present some of the many past collaborations that were never previously published.

The most recent new IOS work is Burke’s submission for Modulisme's forthcoming session 32 called “Focused Systems Approach #1 Buchla/Euro Margins of Error”. A new Buchla format composition featuring a Euroblade adapter with the incomparable Mungo D0 delay. The included companion video album “Visions of Error” was a series of live grabs made with the iPhone while laying down these tracks then processed with the Synthetic software Studio Artist 5 software."
SOUNDMIT 2020 - LIVE - Benge - Modulisme

"Benge is Ben Edwards. He has been exploring the sonic possibilities of electronic instruments since he was a small boy when he would spend his evenings in the music room of the school his parents ran. Being the 1970s it was full of synths and organs as well as percussion, recording and other vintage instruments. After studying painting at art school in 1990 he began to set up a music studio and started recording his own blend of electronica, culminating in his debut album "Electro-Orgoustic Music" and the formation of Expanding Records in 1995. Since then he has released over 30 albums as Benge as well as many collaborations with various luminary artists. His studio Memetune houses a collection of precious electronic instruments where he creates his work and produces his albums

In 2020 Benge recorded a one hour piece for the new modular synthesis platform Modulisme, which includes a weekly radio program showcasing various artists working in the experimental modular synthesis world, and for which Benge provides the voice as the presenter of the program ("
SOUNDMIT 2020 - LIVE - Kim Bjørn


SOUNDMIT 2020 - LIVE - PSTMRD - Genova Modulare

SOUNDMIT 2020 - LIVE - Stefano Agnini - Genova Modulare

SOUNDMIT 2020 - LIVE - Stefano Bertoli - Genova Modulare

SOUNDMIT 2020 - LIVE - FAZN - Genova Modulare

SOUNDMIT 2020 - LIVE - Nicolò Baricchi - Genova Modulare

SOUNDMIT 2020 - LIVE - Maurizio Mongiovi - Genova Modulare

SoundMiT 2020 - Stranger Things jam | La Voix du Luthier

SoundMiT 2020 - Psychedelic jam | La Voix du Luthier

SoundMiT 2020 - Terminator jam | La Voix du Luthier

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