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Sunday, November 08, 2020

Vintage Schulmerich Carillon Bells

Three interesting listings in this post. First is the Schulmerich Coronation Carillon Model 110 via this auction, second, a Schulmerich Carillon Bells keyboard via this auction, and last a VINTAGE SCHULMERICH AMERICANA Model 36-192 Carillon Carillonic Bells via this auction, further below.

I spotted the keyboard and decided to post it. I searched YouTube for demos and couldn't find one, but I did find demos for the other models above. I then found the Model 110 and Model 36-192 and figured I should capture them as well, especially with how the Model 110 to the left lives in a giant metal locker. Kind of a Dr. Who/Tardis/Phone Booth vibe going. Open the unasuming locker and inside you find an eccentric world of audio.

If you are curious what these are, they produce bell chime sounds, mainly for church use. I thought the keyboard version was interesting, and could make for a unique tool in the studio. I guess the larger models could as well. Definitely a talking piece. The vacuum tube logo is pretty cool. It looks like an old school rocket ship!

BTW, it turns out this isn't the first Schulmerich post on the site. There were a few others you can find here, including a demo of a three tier keyboard model here.

Although not technically test equipment, I'm giving it the label as those looking for test equipment sound sources might find these interesting. They are also borderline synth rorschachs, but skipping that label as these do indeed produce sound.

"Vintage Schulmerich Carillon Bells Synthesizer Keyboard. This is 17.5" x 13" x 6.5". In Oak case."

"VINTAGE SCHULMERICH AMERICANA Model 36-192 Carillon Carillonic Bells"

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  1. An actual. Working. Carillon. For $1441. This is Christmas Magic right here. This is the holiest of holies. If I had the money I'd buy it in two seconds. There is no sound so ethereal and otherworldly. It makes the world feel clean, even as we tramp through the muck, as if none of it is real. As if there is hope.



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