MATRIXSYNTH: Adagio For Synths - Xmas edition

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Adagio For Synths - Xmas edition


"What makes this a Christmas video? You'll know it when you see it. What's the song? You'll know it when you hear it. Even though I played it wrong.

I just got the Roland Super JX-10 and am waiting for the Vecoven firmware chips to arrive so I can test new changes to the MIDI Mod app. The Super JX has a distinct instant 80's vibe to it that just feels like home. I spent the evening going through the JX-8P stock presets and there are so many great ones. This video features the "High String" preset. I needed to fill out the low end so I made a stringy, yet somewhat brassy patch on the Alpha Juno-2 to do that. I routed aftertouch to the filter for maximum feels. Unfortunately, the aftertouch sensitivity on this Super JX is about as good as the sensitivity on my Juno. It requires a minimum of 80 pounds of pressure just to eek out a MIDI value of 15. It's hours later now and my fingers are still tingling.

Both synths are running into an analog mixer and the aux send is going to the Ventris Dual Reverb with an "E-Dome" setting and then back into the mixer. From there it just goes straight into the audio interface. This is the raw recording. There are no additional effects or post processing."

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