Sunday, December 13, 2020

First Frost


"A generative melodic project on the 5U modular synth.
A pair of Q960 step sequencers in 3rd row control of timing provide staggered phrases. Each phrase is independent clock though closely timed. The drift is important to the interaction. One phrase is eight steps and the other is five steps. A pair of LFO's set some switch modules to introduce a new loop point at random times, further diversifying the patterns.
A random gate module from Yusynth (Yves Usson design) is employed to pick when auxiliary voices will sample from the step sequencers.
The first sound is a single Q106 triangle wave to the Synthetic Sound Labs digital delay, STG Soundlabs Sea Devils filter and Oakley Sound Systems SV filter in high pass. It then is run through the SSL Tube VCA/Timbral Gate. The random gates module sets when a pitch is sampled from the Q960's.
The second sound is the bass voice from the Dove Audio WTF vco into a Q150 Ladder Filter from The same random gates module again selects when a voltage is picked from the Q960's.
The third pair of melodic lines are a pair of STG oscillators through the tube vca again. This pair are following the Q960's exactly.
A final voice is a Q106A vco with a PWM and triangle waves selected by the SSL Segwencer module before sending them to the Empress Reverb pedal. This time a pair of sequential switch outputs from the STG Switch determine which of the four outputs from the Q960's will send a voltage to a dotcom S&H then on to a Slew Generator.
Final effects were a Behringer 3rd Dimension BBD-320, a chorus delay from the TC Electronic s D-Two and a Lexicon MX200 in hall reverb state."

1 comment:

  1. Texurally warm then frosty! Good for a rainy a.m. in DC.
    Thanks, Mr. Ryle.


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