Tuesday, December 22, 2020

"Just do I.T."

A new release via supporting member, VONDERFUeL, who had the following to say, starting with a quote from Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell (synth info starts in the fourth paragraph):

"'You develop an instant global consciousness, a people orientation, an intense dissatisfaction with the state of the world, and a compulsion to do something about it. I suddenly experienced the universe as intelligent, loving, harmonious, what has been described as an ecstasy of unity.'
Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who saw Earth from the moon in 1971

If our Universe is a simulation being run on a giant quantum computer, by someone from an intelligent civilisation in a different dimension, it wouldn't just be a computer game to them. It would be more like a religion. They would worship the life and diversity that exists on Planet Earth, and they would have great faith in humanity to create peace and unity on Earth. So should we. Across all borders. They would celebrate Planet Earth every Sunday, by praying for us and by playing modular synths and traditional drums, singing and dancing around the fire, sharing the love and compassion they feel for each other and for the life that they have created within the simulation on Planet Earth.

So, as the theory goes, this raises the possibility that we are actually living inside what could be described as a genuine love machine!"

Update: player set to start with track 9. Rainbow per VONDERFUeL:

"I spent six months in 2019 working on my album 'Sapiens', and after completing this, things started flowing well. I composed the album 'Religion' in four weeks around xmas2019/new years, so the spirit of the holidays defiantly made its way into the music. Drums and mixing has been completed recently. The synths used for 'Religion' includes a Matrix 1000, Marion ProSynth, Korg Triton Classic and a Korg Monologue. Drums from Halion Sonic SE/Groove Agent SE in Cubase.

The Oberheim Matrix 1000 and the Marion ProSynth are cousins, both designed by Tom Oberheim, and they are both excellent synths. For me, the Matrix 1000 is, generally, best for pads while the Marion ProSynth is better at short sequenced sounds. The Marion ProSynth is pretty much the same as the Marion MSR2, which I owned before, just without expandability. The name Marion comes from Tom Oberheims daughter. The Matrix has 800 presets + 200 user patches where you can save your own sounds, while the Marion should be programmed (also 200 user patches) to get the best out of it, although it comes with a few good presets swell. The Access Matrix Programmer is great for tweaking presets on the Matrix, which can then be saved into the one of the 200 user patches. I feel a lot of respect for Tom Oberheim, and 'The Spiritual Machines' that he has created for us

'Religion' by Vonderfuel is now available to stream and download.


Earth photo: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center"

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