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Monday, December 28, 2020

Oakley Sound Systems SRE330 Enhanced Stereo Ensemble and Chorus Module / Analog Multimode Chorus

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"Super rare analog (bucket brigade) Oakley SRE 330 stereo chorus / modulation for super lush strings and pads of a few decades back. These never come up for sale, and for good reason. Balanced or unbalanced stereo I/O for professional audio quality.

"From the manufacturer:
The Oakley SRE330 is a multi mode stereo ensemble unit designed to mimic the behaviour of the multichannel chorus and ensemble units of late 1970s and early 1980s. The SRE330 uses up to four channels of bucket brigade delay (BBD) lines and up to four voltage controlled low frequency oscillators (LFO) to achieve a sound reminiscent of various types of string machines, guitar chorus pedals and studio rack effects of yesteryear.

Unlike the original devices the SRE330 allows greater control over the modulation depths, speeds and waveforms, as well as featuring a wet/dry control. Input and output level control pots are also provided to allow maximum flexibility in dealing with a variety of input signal levels. Both the stereo input and output connections are balanced but can be used with unbalanced connections if desired.

The unit features classic companding noise reduction circuitry which keeps unwanted noise levels to an acceptable level while also adding a 'vintage' sound of its own. A four LED level meter helps you keep signal levels at optimum ensuring a good noise to signal ratio without clipping.

The SRE330 features two basic types of ensemble, three phase and multimode, which are selected by a front panel switch.

The three phase setting replicates the action of classic string machines originally from Europe such as the Solina and Logan String Melody. Three BBDs are used in this mode and their delay times are controlled by two three phase fixed frequency sine wave oscillators. One of the oscillators, the chorus, runs very slowly. And the other, the vibrato, runs a little faster. However, unlike the majority of classic string machines, the modulation depths of each oscillator can be controlled with the appropriate front panel level pot.

The Multimode setting is designed to replicate the actions of various classic synth chorus units and string machines from Japan. The Multimode setting, as its name implies, has three modes of operation:

1. Quad ensemble. All four delay lines are operating in this mode – with two BBDs and two LFOs being used for each stereo channel. This mode is at its most effective when the wet/dry control is set to around 100% wet.

2. Dual ensemble. In this mode two BBDs are being used, one per stereo channel. Each BBD can be modulated by its own pair of LFOs. This mode is very effective when the wet/dry control is set to around 50%.

3. Stereo Chorus. Again, in this mode, two BBDs are being used. But this time both BBDs are being driven from the same pair of LFOs. However, one of the BBDs will receive the inverted outputs of the VC-LFO pair. Like mode 2, this mode is very effective when the wet/dry control is set to around 50%.

The four LFOs used in the Multimode setting are made from four separate circuits. Two of the LFOs produce sine waves and two of them produce triangle waves. The SRE330 is wired so that each stereo channel's BBDs are controlled by one set of triangle and sine wave LFOs. Each pair of similar waveform LFOs are controlled by their own speed and depth pots. So one set of pots controls the two sine wave LFOs and one set controls the two triangle wave LFOs. Each pair of similar waveform LFOs will therefore track each other but one is set to always run 20% slower than the other."

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  1. Yes the SRE330 is excellent, This is one unit that should be in every studio. Why it is not?....cause you stupid!



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