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Monday, December 14, 2020

Sequential Prophet 10 REV4 | Downward and deeper


MIDERA Prophet 10 posts

"Prophet 10 REV4 with Strymon DIG as pseudo chorus and delay pedal.

My first assessment was wrong. Just plain wrong. At first it seemed so basic - like nothing more than nice wood sounding like something my Virus TI could mimic. It took a few days - but now I am convinced that this synth is far more complex than any other synthesizer I've used. It has only 1 LFO, and this small section called Poly-Mod - how is it able to develop into so many other sounds? It can go from an ambient drone to something I thought I'd only hear on a DX7. Who went from the P5 to a DX7 and thought 'This is the path foward?' I mean, it happened. Nothing against the DX7, I quite love FM because it's really interesting... maybe people just couldn't afford the P5, that's probably a big part of it, but I bet some people ditched their P5 for a DX7.

Sequential helped me out regarding the loose pot from my previous video. It is now fixed. No issues with it. Just a glorious synth.

Now my question is - do I hang on to my other synthesizers? The JX3P, the Polaris, the Polysix? They have nothing on the P5/10. The Polaris wins in a pissing contest for which one has the most massive Bladerunner sound. The JX3P has that Roland Chorus, the polysix has... And anyway they all seem so redundant now. I don't even know what to do about my SY77 anymore. That one had 'the best keybed' and now - I know it doesn't. The Prophet 10 has a slightly better keybed. But... I will probably keep these synths. I have an incredible ability to sell things and regret it. I could easily get another Polysix and JX3P, but I don't think I could as easily get a Polaris. Plus, once the Juno 6 and 60 get to unobtainium value, these will rise because they're next in line... not a great reason to keep them, I admit. But it's still a reason.

Anyway, this track originally had a bunch of stuff before this, but I decided that I didn't want it to take 7 minutes for someone to get to this part because I know most people leave before 2 minutes are up. Of course, it's still 20+ min long."

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