MATRIXSYNTH: Shakmat Releases Aeolus Seeds & Aeolus Mixer Quadraphonic Oriented Modules

Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Shakmat Releases Aeolus Seeds & Aeolus Mixer Quadraphonic Oriented Modules

See the dealers on the right for availibility. The Aeolus Seeds & Aeolus Mixer were announced at Superbooth 19.

via Shakmat:

"This 7th of december, Shakmat releases the Aeolus Seeds and Aeolus Mixer. Both modules are dedicated to quadraphonic spatialization but are also suited to a wide range of applications.

The Aeolus Seeds

The modulator!

Aeolus Seeds is crafted to produce movements in a quadraphonic space. With it's fully analog signal path, the module architecture is based on four VCAs driven by a handy multi-modulation source : quadrature sine, randomness, envelops, granulizer...

The CV output provides several handful parameters, bringing more life into your quadraphonic patches! Aeolus Seeds is a perfect tool for quadraphonic setups but has many other applications such as vector synthesis, audio morphing or stereo duties, all in 10HP!"
The Aeolus Mixer

The merger!
Aeolus Mixer is a 6HP quadraphonic unity mixer. Three quadraphonic inputs and two stereo outputs are mixed to provide a quadraphonic output with 5.1 compatibility.
Both modules will be available
as DIY kits and assembled units.

Assembled units

Aeolus Seeds: 259 €/$
Aeolus Mixer: 159 €/$
DIY Kits

Aeolus Seeds: 189 €/$
Aeolus Mixer: 119 €/$

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