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Friday, January 08, 2021

LA Circuits, Inc. Buchla Styled Eurorack Systems

1. Attaché Demo ft. Echoes + Sunless City
Brendan demoing the Attaché Eurorack System featuring modules: Echoes BBD Delay and Sunless City Transistor Ladder Filter.
Attaché is a complete eurorack system with a built in power supply and 88 HP rails mounted in a handheld hardshell briefcase-- modeled after vintage Samsonite briefcases of the 1970's.
2. LA Circuits EM-404 Hallogallo Audio Fx Demo
Audio visualizer of the EM-404 Hallogallo VCF/Envelope Follower eurorack module. Available for purchase this November 2020, order now:
3. EM-601 Technicolor Reverb Audio Fx Demo
Audio demo of Model EM-601 | Technicolor Dynamic Reverb eurorack module. Visuals of the Orion Nebula provided by Nasa Hubble Space Telescope.
4. LA Circuits Atomic Meddle & Clocks
Atomic Meddle Stereo VCF Processing Station and Clocks Sequencer | Summer 2020
5. Attaché Briefcase System Demo
Compact synthesizer in a vintage style briefcase. Coming this Winter 2020.
6. LA Circuits Modular Teaser
7. LA Circuits Lab System Teaser

Current modules via



EM-802 Machinist Sample Track + Hold & Noise consists of 3 individual circuits: a highly stable voltage-controlled sample / track & hold, a noise generator, and a voltage-controlled clock generator. The sample / track & hold section can be manually engaged using the Manual Trigger push button.

The noise generator provides five independent colors of noise. The spectrum specifically consists of Violet, Blue, White, Pink and Red noise. The clock generator’s frequency rate is visualized using the onboard LED indicator, and the sample / track + hold polarity is displayed with corresponding LED indicators.

The onboard slew limiter provides further sound sculpting functionality, wherein the user may select the slew limiter circuit direction and control the slew rate via CV input.


Model: EM-802

Product SKU: 800-0802

Dimensions: 12 HP (3U)

Panel: 2.00 mm Anodized Aluminum

Power: +/- 12V | 8 mA


The EM-201 Moon Jock Envelope Generator is a highly versatile four-stage ADSR module. - The envelope generator has an extremely ‘snappy’ attack response time of 0.4ms, and a maximum response time of 12s. Its decay and release response times carry a minimum response time of 2.5ms and a maximum response time of 22s. Moon Jock also provides individual CV inputs for Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release. - The Level knob functions as an attenuverter, which combines attenuation and polarity inversion in one control.

- The generator varies from 0V to +10V. The module offers expansive voltage control for Trigger, Gate, Decay, and Release parameters.
- The positive-going edge of any waveform presented to the TRIG-RETRIG IN input is treated as a trigger pulse. When the voltage of any waveform presented to Gate In input reaches +1V, it is treated as a gate that is held open until the voltage drops below +1V.
- The Auto-Repeat feature captures and cycles the output as determined by the Attack and Decay stages. In doing so, the module can also function as a low-frequency oscillator. The frequency of the LFO is determined by the time lapse of a single Attack-Decay cycle. Therefore, the Attack and Decay controls can be used to control the repeat rate.
- The minimum repeat rate is approximately 0.02 Hz, and the maximum repeat rate is approximately 350 Hz.
- In Gated Repeat mode, the envelope only repeats when gate signal is presented to Gate In.
- The Hold switch holds the envelope voltage at the Sustain control level. The Manual push button provides a momentary Sustain hold.


Model: EM-201

Product SKU: 200-0201

Dimensions: 12 HP (3U)

Panel: 2.00 mm Anodized Aluminum

Power: +/-12V | 25 mA


The EM-121 Suprematist Voltage Controlled LFO module functions as an audio frequency modulator, a low frequency modulator, or a supplementary sound source. It offers four individual waveform outputs for sine, triangle, square, ramp, saw, as well a unique Tsunami waveform. The three-position switch selects the coarse range, and the frequency knob is used to adjust the oscillator tuning.

Pulse width modulation may be adjusted using the PWM knob, which functions as an attenuverter. The Linear CV input is used to externally control the low-frequency oscillator’s rate, and can be attenuated and inverted with the dedicated attenuverter. The Sync In functions as a reset input, which creates a wide range of triggering effects depending on the applied secondary waveform.


Model: EM-121

Product SKU: 100-0121

Dimensions: 12 HP (3U)

Panel: 2.00 mm Anodized Aluminum

Power: +/-12V | 30 mA


St. Tropez VCA is based on the classic dual-input modular amplifier, featuring both linear and logarithmic CV functionality. The Bias knob sets the initial level.

The module also includes useful load and overload LED indicators.


Model: EM-301

Dimensions: 10 HP (3U)

Panel: 2.00 mm anodized aluminum

Power: +/-12V | 24 mA

EM-801 | MX

Mx Switch Multiple is a simple and yet quite versatile switching and routing system. Each jack toggled to bus “1” connects to one another. Likewise, each jack toggled to bus “2” connects to one another. The center bus “0” indicates no routing connection.


Model: EM-801

Product SKU: 800-0801

Dimensions: 5HP (3U)

Panel: 2.00 mm Anodized Aluminum

Power: N/A



Chronograph is the result of two years of in-depth research of analog vintage step sequencers. The device features:

Three rows of 8-step CV generators with individual CV ranges and CV outputs for each row. Illuminated Start/Stop, Skip and Reset buttons with independent CV inputs.
Internal clock with external CV input and clock output. External clock input with manual step functionality.
Pulse output functionality.
LED lamp indicators for each step position.
LED lamp indicators to illuminate trigger status.
A versatile frequency detector and divider circuit, which generates square wave signals derived from the frequency transmitted to its signal input jack.
The clock divider section provides five outputs and five corresponding LED indicator for visual representation of the output rhythmic patterns.
A sequential switch section, allowing the user to select a specific input to be routed to a specific module chain. This process may be accomplished via clock or via manual switching.

Model: EM-6A

Product SKU: 006-0006A

Dimensions: 84 HP (3U)

Panel: 2.00 mm Anodized Aluminum

Power: +/- 12V | 94 mA

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