MATRIXSYNTH: WMD 4TTEN - In-use demo with Rossum Electro-music Assimil8or

Friday, January 22, 2021

WMD 4TTEN - In-use demo with Rossum Electro-music Assimil8or

video by WMDevices

"Attenuation and offset are often overlooked functions in synthesis and the Eurorack ecosystem. However, they can be a very useful addition to modules that lack knobs but have plenty of CV inputs. 4tten packs 4 channels of attenuation or offset in 4hp, adding fader control to any module in a very little amount of space.

4tten is a simple module. 4 channels of attenuation with fader control. We added 5V normalled to the inputs so you can use it as a variable offset module, basically adding faders to any module you want. Perfect for when your cable management cannot avoid covering a crucial knob and modules that need more hands on control.

In this video, we cover using the 4tten to add fader control to the Rossum Electro-Music Assimil8or. Having hands on control over multiple parameters at once eliminates mid-performance menu diving, as well as access to tonal parameters in real-time, great for changing up energy and feels with simple tweaks."

"4TTEN (pronounced either ATTEN or FOUR-TEN) is a four channel attenuator and offset generator.

Use 4TTEN to attenuate any CV or audio signal by running through the ins and outs.

A +5V voltage source is normalled to each input, making it a standalone offset when there is no cable patched into an input.

Each channel is completely independent.

Ever-so-useful in live performance, we designed this module with 4 sliders for easy maneuverability, visual feedback, and enjoyable to play interface. Make your eurorack modular synthesizer system more playable with 4TTEN!

*** 4TTEN's PCB is 113mm (4.45") tall and may be a tight fit in some cases (TTA Z-Rails especially)***


- 4 independent attenuators for Control Voltage and Audio signals

- Performance friendly sliders

- Can be used as 0 to +5V Offset

- Comfortable fader caps from the Performance Mixer

- Only 4 hp!

Size: 4hp
Depth: 30mm(with cables)
Power: +5mA , -5mA
Virtually no drop on 1V/Oct signals.
VERTICAL PCB LENGTH: 113mm (4.45")
IMPEDANCE = (SOURCE + 100ohm ) / 100kohm

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