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Sunday, February 21, 2021

90s Modular Synthesizer: Analogue Systems RS-8000 Sequence #Shorts​

video by Elliott Liu

"Analogue Systems started in 1995 with Bob Williams starting production of a modular system. Unaware at the time, it was similar in size and power specification to the now standard Eurorack format.

Here I'm MIDI sequencing a 3 voices independently and controlling the balance of each of them."

Short one, but you don't see demos of the RS8000 often. Analogue Systems was part of the birth of the modular resurgance back when only a handful of manufacturers existed. AS and Doepfer were the first to produce 3U modules, although with different power schemes. Doepfer eventually became the standard and the eurorack format as we know it today was born.

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  1. Besides the power connector difference..
    Asys also used a slightly horzontally displaced mounting compared to Doepfer. This is what originally created the need and desire for the now nearly ubiquitous oval mounting holes on Euro modules.

    The funny part is that most of those do not have enough width to actually accomodate the horizontal displacement difference required to use both types in a single row!

    The difference arises from using the M3 nuts strips starting from either: a mid hole OR the space between holes. Doepfer is aligned with the rest of the electronics 3U rack gear. While Asys is the odd man out. If one uses sliding nuts it doesn't matter.



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