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Friday, February 05, 2021

Amstrad Computerphonic CKX-100 (1988) Recordable Mini Synthesiser with original box

video by Alfonse

previously posted - reposting for the listing below. You can find one more demo here.

"Amstrad Fidelity CKX100 Computerphonic keyboard (1988)
Well, who knew Lord Sugar made a keyboard...? All the sounds you hear in the track were made using the CKX100 and recorded to a DAW, where I added compression, EQ, reverb, delay and some light chorus as required. I sampled individual drum hits from slowed-down CKX100 rhythms, to allow me to build fresh beats, rather than using the rhythms found on the CKX100 itself."

via this auction

The design reminds me of an E-mu Emax.

"This really is a rare keyboard and is fully working in mint condition, still in the original box with original internal packaging, complete with 6 C Batteries! The 6 type C batteries will be included in the shipment only if the buyer resides in the European Union. In non-European countries it is NOT possible to send batteries for customs reasons.

The Amstrad CKX100 is a great vintage machine with loads of character and a unique sound! An unusual special feature of this instrument is the "playright mode", which switches the right keyboard section to pentatonic tone scales, those vary with the actual chord (selected with the left hand) to force the player to play what establishment considers harmonious (a bit like an Omnichord). There is also a MIDI-out jack and a simple sequencer with data storage on audio cassettes.


- 49 midsize keys;

- 2 built-in stereo speakers;

- 10 preset sounds: elec piano, synth 1, guitar, flute, bells | brass, synth 2, harps, organ, strings;

- 28 preset rhythms: r & b, hi-tec, pop, swing 1, dixie, samba, march 1 | rock 1, disco, funk, swing 2, hoedown, salsa, march 2 | rock 2, reggae 1, hip-hop, bounce, country, bossa, waltz 1 | boogie, reggae 2, heavy metal, ballad, barock, pop-cha, waltz 2;

- volume & separate rhythm accomp volume slider

- vibrato & sustain effects;

- trio mode ("auto harmony" button) single finger accompaniment (manual chord mode with rhythm off) "playright" mode (switches keyboard to pentatonic scales selected by the current single finger chord);

- tempo +/-;

- rhythm fill-in;

- button keyboard drum kit mode only during demos: whistle, hand clap, dog, cowbell, bell;

- 8 KByte RAM, 48 KByte ROM sequencer (polyphonic record/ playback with accompaniment) 7 orchestrated demo melodies (can mute demo main voice to play manually);

- jacks for AC- adapter, phones, line out, tape data saving and MIDI out!

The Amstrad CKX 100 is a super great retro synthesizer: have a look on Youtube to see what you can do with it. If you like circuit bent, the Amstrad CKX100 is one of the all time greatest circuit bent synthesizers. It has a very unique quirky sound, with loads of charm and character."

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