MATRIXSYNTH: Arturia Polybrute (50mn, some of my presets, no talk)

Sunday, February 07, 2021

Arturia Polybrute (50mn, some of my presets, no talk)

video by Michael Geyre

"I have been one of the lucky sound designers who worked on that fantastic instrument
here is a demo of some of the presets I made
as i am playing on an early prototype, both morphee and ribbon controller can be sometimes a bit buggy
thanks for listening

Buckle Up: 00:00​
Magic Sweep: 00:18​
Blooming Spores: 01:20​
Dagashiya: 02:47​
Down to 4 Bits: 04:30​
Jean Marteau: 05:55​
EcoTri: 06:40​
Pythagore: 07:50​
Soft OB Pad: 08:54​
Through the Mirror: 10:07​
TriCS: 11:16​
Antoine: 12:46​
Mini Lead: 13:46​
40 Years: 15:04​
Thanks Lyle: 16:46​
Sea Pad: 17:57​
Spovtnik: 19:17​
Tears in Rain: 21:25​
Chameleon: 23:09​
Multi Path: 25:06​
Zeus 6: 27:50​
Leprechaun's Tale: 28:38​
Once upon a Time: 29:26​
Larger than Life: 31:16​
Strato Pad: 32:14​
Trinidad and Tobago: 32:52​
House Organ: 33:16​
Hera Strings: 33:48​
Farfikerstar: 34:28​
Mr & Mrs Wow: 35:22​
Time Travel: 36:09​
Tape Based VCO: 36:44​
Stay Calm: 38:33​
Shisen-Sho: 38:55​
Wizardry: 39:37​
Hypnos: 40:40​
Hold me Tender: 41:23​
HarmoWheel: 43:27​
CS Bass: 46:10​
Wurlinet: 46:57​
FeibelChord: 48:47"

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