MATRIXSYNTH: Hinton Instruments Introduces SwitchMix II, Output Line Driver, and Balanced Multiple Four

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Hinton Instruments Introduces SwitchMix II, Output Line Driver, and Balanced Multiple Four

via Hinton Instruments

"Our 3U Professional Module range continues to expand with two new modules and the return of an old favourite.

SwitchMix II out of production since 2016, this redesigned version features several improvements and a lower price.
Now shipping.

Output Line Driver is not just a balanced converter (all our module outputs are balanced anyway). This module can drive long cables and provides extra features for a comprehensive final output stage. The onboard stereo FET compressor gives a choice of clean or dirty.

Balanced Multiple Four groups of four linked mults provide up to 10 outputs and two phase changers for inverting signals.

SwitchMix replaces a tangle of patch cables, mults, and eight eight-input precision adders in one easy to visualise panel.

SwitchMix was our first and last Eurorack module, SwitchMix II has been redesigned and de-Eurofied to conform to the higher standards of our other modules and is now fully AES48 compatible. New features include a Gate and Trigger converter similar to that in PinMix which may be brought out on an option panel.

Output Line Driver

A compact stereo output stage for a modular voice with balanced line drivers suitable for long cable runs on the main outputs.

The Output Line Driver is much more than just a balanced output converter. The overall gain may be precisely calibrated between -8.5dB to +8.5dB gain to match expected levels. A pre-Level stereo aux send and return is provided for interfacing to effects units. A Spin control provides feedback to the effects unit and an "X" switch swaps left and right for ping-pong effects.

A stereo compressor may be switched in on the main outputs for subtle and unsubtle tone changes. This is based on a FET design used in a well known console for reverse talkback. The compression threshold may be preset to taste and the side chain is available for external control by audio or CV signals.

A 3.5mm headphone jack for monitoring pre-Mute is provided for live use and may also be wired to a 1/4" stereo jack.


DC servo-ed inputs and outputs to remove offsets
Professional pan law, -4.5dB in centre
Multiple modules may have their main outputs linked for a stereo mix
Output Line transformers may be added externally if required, but are not normally necessary
LED signal level indicators
Stereo FET Compressor
Stereo FX send and return with Spin
Stereo Headphone output

Balanced Mult

A group of four linked 4-way balanced multiples, two with "phase change" (φ) inversion.

N.B. Inversion requires balanced inputs and multing to unbalanced inputs will short out the signal


Normalling between groups to allow extended signal splitting
Completely passive and bidirectional
No signal loss when driven with zero impedance outputs
May be patched to balanced outboard devices

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