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Monday, February 08, 2021

Minky Starshine quick demo—Glass Pad

video by boxoftextures

"Quick demo of the Minky Starshine additive synth. Not even a demo, really, just a chord progression I came up with while making the patch. I got this originally in 2004 according to my records, so I've had it now for 17 years LOL. Got this because there was no way was ever going to be able to get an Alpha Syntauri even though that was almost 20 years earlier. Made by Expert Sleepers, the same folks now make make the Disting and other Eurorack modules. Super happy they're still keeping it modern OS compatible. Like many older soft synths the interface is now super tiny, mostly because at the time nobody could have possibly imagined today's high-res monitors. Everything still works though so I'm not complaining. I suppose if this were a modern app everything would be scalable live animation in 3D but none of that's really necessary to be honest.

Minky Starshine is basically an additive synthesizer with a subtractive filter, with three LFOs and some envelope generators, and you can use all those to modulate the harmonics. Makes the sound shift and shimmer in interesting ways, or you can "just" make your regular old synth patches too. Surprisingly flexible despite at first glance having not all that many controls. And as a bonus it's delightfully psychedelic too. You can still buy it for remarkably little money (iLok account required) and it still sounds great even after several decades.

You can find Minky Starshine at

Twitter: @selgart

Minky Starshine was first featured on the site back in 2008 here.


  1. You know that the 2008 post was *also* me, right? Apparently I'm the semi-official Minky Starshine Mentioner LOL. Had no recollection of that post though, although to be fair it was 13 years ago.

    1. Yep, I noticed that. What's interesting is they are the only two posts featuring Minky Starshine.

  2. So I was idly looking at things and saw somewhere that Expert Sleepers was going to auction five solid sterling silver faceplate Disting modules to celebrate its 10th anniversary and also to benefit a musicians' Covid charity. So I went to their site and poked around for a bit and stumbled on the Minky Starshine page, which I'd totally forgotten about, especially since I changed from Ableton Live to Logic Pro on a new laptop a year or so ago and hadn't moved everything over apparently. So I got the update the other day and loaded it up, and that video was the result. It's a great little synth. It's different, sounds good, is easy to program, and can be really useful. I mean, yes, it's old, but I've always been a little surprised that folks haven't heard of it. Anyway, I've added a bass line and played around with an echo-y Minimoog-ish lead so I should have another unintended video ready in a few days. More Minky Starshine!



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