Friday, February 12, 2021

New ACL System 3

video by Audiophile Circuits League

"ACL System 3 Demo

A powerful, modulation-focused system, combining the creamy sounding subtractive synth base of our System 2 with the expansive stereo potential of System 1.

1 x Mini MIDI
2 x Oktave
1 x Multifunction Discrete VCO
2 x Variable Sync VCO
1 x Discrete Core Ladder VCF
1 x Dual State Variable VCF
1 x Envelope x 3
2 x QLFO
2 x VC Dual Amp
1 x Multi II
1 x VC Panning Amplifier
1 x Audio Interface
1 x 2 Row 104 TE Case incl.1 x KAZU PSU"

via ACL

"What is System 3? A System 2 on steroids? The illegitimate lovechild of System 1 and System 2? A modulation lover’s paradise? Or is it all of those?

It won′t surprise you to learn that our designs are heavily influenced by whatever we were playing with at the time.

For example, System 1, our stereo-friendly system, was birthed during late night sessions with the M/S Matrix, VC Panning Amplifier, Dual State Variable VCF and Dual Delay prototypes.

System 2 came from toying with those budget analogue mono−synths flooding the market, and dreaming of one with premium components, a well−spaced layout, and a lifespan measured in decades, not months.

System 3? Well, System 3 came from playing about with System 1 and System 2 in conjunction with our new Mini MIDI module. Mini MIDI′s ability to convert MIDI CCs directly into modular friendly CC, with all the control that offered over modulation, set us down an addictively creative path, and we knew we had to share it.

System 3 very much has the mono−synth vibe of System 2, coupled with some of the stereo−tricks of System 1, but it′s really about modulation and experimentation."

Additional details at the ACL website.

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