MATRIXSYNTH: Noise Engineering: 3 patches to start off 2021 - Live Modular Jam Session

Thursday, February 04, 2021

Noise Engineering: 3 patches to start off 2021 - Live Modular Jam Session

video by Noise Engineering

"Jam 1 - 'Decisions'

I’m using the STO through Sinc Bucina and Basimilus Iteritas Alter as the two voices in this patch. The STO is patched through Eventide and the BIA through Imitor Versio. I was able to get a string-like sound out of the STO+SB with an orchestral heavy drum out of the BIA. I liked the tension these two built on each other throughout this piece which is why I called it 'Decisions'.

Jam 2 - 'First Rainstorm of the Season'

I’m using two voices in this patch, STO and BIA. I’ve been using the SB to make an enveloped voice out of the free running STO, and using the Zularic Repetitor, Bin Seq, Pons Asinorum to sequence triggers and envelopes into the two osc’s. Just Friends is the main LFO source while the Imitor (IV flashed onto Versio) and Eventide process one osc each. I’m using the Vox Digitalis as the primary melody source and patching it into the XAOCTirana “transpose” cv input to get a progression of melodies with four different roots, programmed on the Tirana. The tirana root note moves forward every 8 iterations of the entire VD pattern. Before being patched into the mixer, both “parts” are sent through the two channel filter.

Jam 3 - 'Up All Night'
This patch follows some of the signal pathways already explored in Jams 1 and 2, but for 3 I really wanted to use the beat pattern found often in Reggaeton/Latin Trap (kick on 1st beat, snare on 4th and 7th) and see where I could take it.

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