MATRIXSYNTH: Sonicware Liven XFM Prototype - Brass and Acid Jam

Friday, February 05, 2021

Sonicware Liven XFM Prototype - Brass and Acid Jam

video by ChrisLody

"The Liven XFM Prototype in this video was supplied by Sonicware (obviously 😁)

Err.....surprise! I have a Sonicware XFM prototype in the studio. Why do I have an XFM prototype? Well, I feel very fortunate to have been hired by Sonicware to produce sounds and patterns for the XFM as well as beta testing this prototype. I've had it since January the 11th which is why my channel has been a little quiet recently, but I'm now allowed to share this first quick jam 😊

I've mainly spent that time doing sound design for the 'library' FM sounds on the unit. I'll have to be careful to not talk about too much what hasn't been announced but it has a fully editable 4 Op FM synth engine so I've been creating sounds for that, some of which is in this video. Everything you hear in this video is being produced by the XFM in real-time (apart from a limiter in Reaper to get the volume up for YouTube) with FM synthesis as the main sound source with the option to use filters, envelopes and lfos on through the pattern edit mode making it a very powerful hybrid of FM and virtual analog before we even consider what can be done with morphing. Don't pay too much attention to the text on the front panel as a few things have moved around since it was printed, a new version is on it's way to me as of this morning.

The opening brass sound is pure FM using the X-Form mode that can switch and/or fade from one FM sound to another. The acid line uses the filter and envelopes and I also manually tweak the morphing of the waveform between two different sound. You'll also hear drum sounds (my work 😎) which are pure FM apart from a little filtering used as EQ's. All in all this jam isn't very 'FM sounding'. It can do that in spades but the morphing, filters and effects etc means it capable of so much more. So much more!

There is a lot to discuss about the XFM which I'll talk about more as I upload more videos. But in short it's a really good synth with a lot of power, a lot of options and an incredibly unique tone that you'd struggle to create elsewhere. Yes obviously Sonicware are paying me, but I'd just bought this I'd be equally impressed with what it can do, honestly!"

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