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Friday, February 12, 2021

Sonicware Liven XFM Prototype - No Filter Funk

video by ChrisLody

"The Liven XFM Prototype in this video was supplied by Sonicware (obviously 😁)

It's time for another Liven XFM Prototype demo, but a slightly different prototype than in the last video. If you do a direct A/B comparison with that one you'll see there's a lot of moving around and renaming of functions that have been done since the last one, of course with accompanying firmware so it all works the way it should. A few new things have been added including LFO delay to pitch which I wholly of.

To clarify, I've been hired on a freelance basis by Sonicware to make preset sounds and loops, plus promotional videos like this.

This demo started out as an attempt to make something a bit more 'traditionally FM synth' sounding. It technically is because I haven't used the filter at all on this, but I got really carried away playing with all the probability based triggering and effects so this is not very traditional sounding FM at all, again! I'll make some nice gentle ambient on it at some point, maybe 😄

So the bass-line from the 4th pattern onward is using probability based triggering for some of it's notes which gives a great amount of variation. Some of the drums are using this too to give a bit more of a human feel. I'm using the X-Lab manual morph function to morph between the Flanged Bass preset (which I love!) and a Bright Trumpet to add some noise. I'm also using the tone control in places to soften the sound, this is a manual control that lowers the level of feedback on all the operators. Then we get into the effects. There's a single send effect that can be saved with each pattern but each track has it's own send amount. First is overdrive, then a super short delay, bit crusher (♥️), chorus, flanger then back to delay. There are other effects to chose from but I was having the most fun with these on this track.

I had an absolute blast making this is has to be said. As with the last track this was all made from the pattern editing mode of the XFM without resorting to making any new preset sounds as there is plenty that can be done by combining and tweaking sounds without having to do that. I could have spent a lot longer fiddling around and refining patterns, but I've got deadlines to meet 😁

Btw, the gloves. I'm not cold but I did slip over on some ice on the way to the shops and managed to punch the tarmac on the way down just before I was going to film this so my knuckles are a bit bloody, and I don't think that's a look to go for here!"

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