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Friday, March 26, 2021

Korg DDD-1 | Outstandingly fun drum machine!

video by Espen Kraft

"The Korg DDD-1 drum machine from '86-87 is one of the better drum machines you can get from the 80s. It has a Kick and Snare that can rival the Linndrum and it has awesome specs throughout.
High quality&24 Hours Build Time:​

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The demo song is made up from drums of the DDD-1. I programmed two patterns that just alternates in Song mode, on repeat.
Then I programmed the chord pattern on the Korg SDQ-1 sequencer and set that to drive/sync the DDD-1 through MIDI sync. The SQD-1 has two MIDI outs so the other played those chords on a Korg EX-800, the module version of the Poly-800.
I played the synth solo with the same sound off the EX-800 and I played the bass from the Korg DW-8000. Since this required three hands, I multitracked it all. The SQD-1 was clocked/synced directly from the DAW and put in external MIDI sync. That way the multi tracking was always on the beat.

In the demo I have processed each of the drum sounds individually to sound the best, so these are not the dry sounds out of the DDD-1. What's the fun of that?

The demo song is shot on VHS tape, with a Panasonic M7 VHS camera from 1987 and the footage is edited down in Adobe Premiere Pro on a 720p timeline."

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