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Monday, March 15, 2021

Roland SH-32 Shapeshifta Soundset

video by Soundsauca

"Shapeshifta for the Roland SH-32 features 64 luscious synth ambiences and rich analog strings. Trippy leads and sound effects mutate into ear bleeding slabs of weaponised audio.

Open that cupboard and grab that box, blow the dust off and wipe the early naughties from your Roland SH-32’s brain. With Soundsauca’s SH-32 life extension plan you too can inject some new sysex into this unappreciated little fella. Often maligned and misunderstood, the SH-32 is an experimental hybrid of a synthesizer.

Sometimes it feels like a long lost cousin of the JV/XV and JP8k series, other times it spits out D-50 and JD-990 memories. However the SH-32 is it’s own thing and I had a blast getting to know it again. As you might guess, I love the character of the SH-32. It has bags of personality, an enticing blend of lo-fi goodness and tripped out sonic vocabulary.

I hope you enjoy the Shapeshifta, please like and/or subscribe if you do - it sounds cliche, but it really does!​

Patch List:
0:00​ Mutantz - A D-50 inspired pad,
0:40​ Electron Wash - Hypnotic & grainy filter sweeps,
0:47​ Gooey B - Thick and gooey bass sound,
1:17​ Crystal Pulsar - Delicate pulsations rotating over an arpeggio,
1:47​ So Far - Ghostly choir dowsed in reverb,
2:21​ Distance - Rushing noise racing across space,
2:40​ Sticky B - Drone bass that sweeps down,
3:11​ Metachaos - Metallic sample & hold waves with dissonant tone,
3:27​ Atonal - Wavering atonal shapes,
3:29​ Chamber - Egg hatching moments,
3:57​ SyFi - Ramped lfo with a sci-fi twist echoing on,
4:00​ The Machines - Short delay fx smearing a deep robotic tone,
4:19​ Wavy Space - Trippy waves undulating in the distance,
4:42​ Metabells - Metallic bells with rhythmical repetitions,
4:51​ Shtrumma - Octave shifting guitar tones with a twang,
4:52​ Wiggly War - High resonance wormy lead with lots of variation,
5:10​ Rainbow Ice - Psychedelic filter shimmers,
5:28​ D-32 - Soft & dreamy D-50 style pad,
5:29​ Hollow's Wood - Deep Juno bass with wood like qualities,
5:44​ Cheap Kix - Soft but useable kick,
6:00​ Space Harp - Harp sound with velocity sensitive attack,
6:16​ Flutter P7 - Nice fluttering strings,
6:22​ Misty Quiver - Unstable lead with nice filter peaks,
6:41​ Nazel Hazel - Big phasing analog strings,
7:25​ RM Swirl - Ring modulated plucks with a swirling release,
7:38​ Grain Freeza - Frozen grains of sawtooths sweeping down. Similar to JD-800/990,
7:54​ Big String - Rich ghostly chorused strings, reminiscent of Roland's JX synths,
8:21​ Spectrum Damage - Random sound effect transition,
8:30​ MetaReese - Large noisy pulses sucking down,
8:42​ Dirt Box 32 - Tortured dirty lead with wide sweeps,
8:43​ Square Trash - Blocks of unison induced audio smashing apart. Great for DnB,
8:47​ ruSH? - Dirty DnB,
8:57​ ED Squarez - Chunky squared lead,
9:02​ Domin8rix - I'm bigger and bolder and rougher and tougher, In other words sucka...
9:20​ Droid Choir - Great phase shifted choir,
9:27​ Dust Combi - Dry and dusty bass drone,
9:43​ Spectra Strain - Strained vox lead with a modern EDM vibe,
10:00​ Shimmers Speak - Really beautify arp with shimmering qualities,
10:15​ Deep Whip - Wet and whippy bass sound,
10:24​ Brassed Off - JX/JP inspired lead,
10:38​ String Mystique - Mystical analog strings,
10:44​ JU Swimma - Deep Juno chorus,
11:03​ Floral Haus - Really colorful filter shifts in an old school house vibe,
11:11​ Deep Water - Sub bass with large reverb splashes,
11:27​ SH Singsong - Sombre dual lfos drifting backwards and forwards,
12:00​ Time Dilator - Atmospheric time shift,
12:06​ Billions - Sparkling particles with great filter movements,
12:27​ Spacialise - Windy noise undulation,
12:42​ Acid Puddles - Really wet acid filters
12:43​ Space Trance - Dark in the lower registers, delicate and spacey in the upper regions,
12:56​ Quantum Foam - Hypnotic flickering wave,
13:09​ Tinkle-D -Classic D-50 bells
13:40​ Dirty Trip - Beautiful pad sliced up with ring modded interference,
13:58​ Solar Temple - Glassy ring modulation,
14:10​ Harmonix - Velocity sensitive filters with colourful overtones,
14:30​ Victory Horns - Dramatic analog strings,
14:40​ Ice Pixie - Icy square waves that tinkle!
14:45​ Fallen Angel - Ethereal voices falling from the stars,
14:50​ Reflektor - PWM waves with a reflective quality,
15:10​ Saucastring - JP-8000 strings,
15:35​ Overdone - Lightly distorted guitar
15:39​ Another Mystery - Analog lead from the past,
16:08​ SH Malfunction - Chaotic echos of noise
16:24​ SH Orchestra - Calming strings
PS: The soundset is officially 64 sounds (Bank A) which are demonstrated in this video. But I did make a few more sounds… So there’s another 64 presets in Bank B (128 in total). Not all of them fitted in with the Shapeshifta vibe but I didn’t want to let them go to waste!"

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