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Monday, March 15, 2021

Soundsauca Roland JD-990 Demos

"1993 must have been a vintage year. The Roland Super JD-990 is a classic digital synth with character.

Though the light from it's near 30 year old LCD may be fading (Photoshop works wonders!), the JD is still a much loved synthesizer today."


1. JD Worship - Roland JD-990 Demo
Spreading the JD-990 love! A little tune I put together with my Roland JD990. No external FX.

Heaven's Horns - a hi-pass filtered horn patch which fizzes down, gradually breaking across the stereo spectrum.

Dark Energy - a disturbing string patch that undulates with ghostly undertones,

Electric Eel - puts the JD990 chaos lfo to use with very short delay FX adding metallic feedback,

Binary Rain - a beautiful patch that sounds like flickering particles - it sounds different every time I play it,

Flangie Angie - a tightly flanged arpeggio sound with velocity sensitive attack, it can sound soft or hard with the mod wheel, tight and loose with velocity,

Magic Clouds - providing the heft down below with thick analog style sweeps,

JD Worship - The inspiration! A classic lead sound with the mod wheel controlling the dry/wet mix of the JD990 effects,

Lunar Mining - A repeating phased noise effect,

JD-8000 - I always wanted to make a supersaw on the JD-990. I finally found the trick, typically after I had bought a JP-8080 :) It does a pretty good impression,

Hazy Freeze - I love this sound! A melancholic lead that morphs into swirling clouds of audio,

Jungle Drums - Snappy self-oscillated S/H filter sweeps create a percussive sound. The JD has these wonderful sample and hold LFOs that slightly soften (slew) the harsh filter transitions. Later JV/XV series synths don't sound like this. The resonance also doesn't blow a hole in your ear drum when up high (always useful!)
2. Roland JD-990 - Superluminal Patches
A collection of 64 finely crafted Roland JD-990 patches. Take the deep dive into the 990’s synthesis, hearing its classic history along with futuristic sound impressions.

Find out more here:

Superluminal represents a collection of Roland JD-990 patches that showcase my journey programming this awesome synth. From the cosmic interlude of the patch “Superluminal” to some seriously epic pads such as “Vista Grande”, the JD still has what it takes in 2020!

Sometimes I have to remind myself that its existence pre-dates 1993, with the slider infested JD-800 from 1991 and the D-50 from 1987!

I won’t pretend to be the first to praise this synthesizer, as I know I’m walking in the footsteps of great sound designers, but in my own way I hope to contribute to the JD’s legacy. The Roland JD-990 is a timeless classic with hidden depths to it even decades later.

One of the true great digital synthesisers.

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