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Monday, March 01, 2021

Sequential Prophet-5 & Prophet-10 Demos by BridgeSet Sound

Sequential Prophet-10 Rev 4 Demo with Fabio Fonseca (Synth Only)
video by BridgeSet Sound

"Fabio Fonseca of Key Magic Inc stopped by to drop off more Vinicius Electrik Lizards and could not resist treating us to an impromptu mess around on the Prophet-10.

Recorded with a Warm Audio WA-412 , API 527 compressor and Apogee Symphony MK II."

Sequential Prophet-5 Rev 4 Demo with Damon "Mr. Dizzy Fingers" Bennett (Batch 1-195)

video by BridgeSet Sound

"Damon 'Mr. Dizzy Fingers' Bennett plays both original patches (Start - 4:10​) and presets on the Sequential Prophet-5 Rev 4 synthesizer in his studio.

This Prophet-5 is from batch 1-195 and remains as shipped. Signal is recorded dry and unprocessed with the Focusrite ISA and Apogee Symphony I/O.

Mr. Dizzy Fingers is a great friend and client of ours and we appreciate his doing this. In addition to electronic composition and performance, Damon is a skilled flute player, producer and musical director. You can say hi to him on IG at @mrdizzyfingers.

0:01​ Bring the Funk
0:20​ Honey Waves
0:45​ Dat Deep n Squishy
1:08​ Do Duh Bat!
1:26​ The Robots are coming for Dinner...
2:07​ ...And they're staying for Dessert!
2:44​ Milk Spaghetti
3:39​ Little Tiny Ghost
4:13​ 'Whatchya say? Your Phone is breaking up'
5:10​ Icicle Kingdom
5:51​ "Do you remember...?"
6:53​ Inside the Egyptian Beehive
7:15​ Inside the Egyptian Beehive pt.2 - Haunted Edition
7:58​ Say Hello to the Princess
8:44​ Bro, Where are my keys?
10:03​ Tinfoil-vision
10:46​ "Huh? I can't hear you over my super dope Bass tone"
11:39​ Chubby Little Pug puppy smelling the flowers
12:02​ Electric Pancakes
12:19​ Electric Pancakes with Butter
12:24​ Electric Pancakes with Butter and Maple Syrup
12:27​ Electric Pancakes feat. Eddie Van Halen
12:46​ Do you know the time?
13:21​ The Witch is Sleeping
13:53​ Snake Race
14:36​ I want steak for dinner
14:59​ RIP Allan Holdsworth
15:33​ Underwater Rubber bands
16:13​ That's called sunshine, baybuh!
16:42​ I don't know the time unfortunately
17:36​ Droid Whispers
19:19​ Old Faithful
19:27​ Space Ship Barber Quartet
19:48​ ..And now for the lead singer's solo
20:34​ ..the Baritone wubwubs have taken over
21:17​ Lost at Sea
21:51​ Man Overboard"

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