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Tuesday, March 09, 2021

Studio.h WPM Wireless Preset Manager for e-series compatible modules. Unfettered Preset Management!

video by Kent

"Introduction to the liberating Studio.h WPM (Wireless Preset Manager).
I'm working on the next video as this uploads. We'll look at everything in great detail, including:

Small system ideas
a 24 panel system
The configuration pages
and more.

00:00​ Start
01:28​ WPM Close up
01:37​ WPM Configuration switches
01:46​ What's in the box & adapters
01:50​ In the case
02:20​ Switching Presets over WiFi!
03:15​ System Considerations w/206e
04:00​ WPM w/206e & Stobe/S&H Strategy
04:53​ Notes about my system
05:31​ The 2 pages WPM serves up
06:12​ Physical size and considerations (will it fit?)
07:18​ Dimensions: Height & Depth
08:19​ Easel-K: A Match Made in Oregon - The Ideal Candidate
08:51​ 225h does it do PM?
09:34​ Easel-K innards. Power connectors are available.

Discussion on Muffwiggler:​

Introductory video. Lots of talking and discussions of strategies and usage in systems.
Be sure to use the navigation/progress bar to jump to sections of interest for repeated viewing and pausing. I left many snapshot/screengrabs up for only 5 seconds as the video is already quite lengthy and one can easily pause upon what one wishes to see in greater detail.

More in the way of actual use coming up in next videos. I'll show it in my 24-panel system and then either my 10-panel or 4-panel (currently out on loan). We'll go through the pages that are served up by the WPM, etc.

[b]Answers to a handful of likely questions:[/b]
Q: How does it work?
A: It is a WiFi server and serves up (currently) two web pages that are accessed via a web browser. I've tested it on a Mac, iPad Pro, iPhone6s, and my ancient iPhone 3GS. The 3GS renders the main page strangely (fault of the browser due to its age and lack of updates) but it does work. Any cheapo Android should work and Studio.h have tested a few of them.

Q: Will it work with v2 (non-Primo) 200e systems?
A: Yes, there is a switch for this shown at 01:37​

Q: Is it possible to change the log-in information?
A: Yes, the WiFi name and password can be changed. I'll demonstrate this in the next video. There is also a switch, at 1:37​, showing that the system can be made entirely 'Open'. Live dangerously!

Q: Will this enable preset management of my 208 variant?
A: No. None of the 208 units are e-series compatible. They simply don't have the hardware onboard for e-series knob positions, slider positions, patching, levels, etc.
However, for the Easel-K owner, you've just level-upped your 223e!

Q: Will it coexist with existing Buchla Preset Managers (206e/225e).
A: Yes, as shown in this very video plus the leveraging of Preset Management Strobe Mode. See 04:00​

Q: How much does it cost? How do I order one?
A: $400 USD and drop Studio.h a line on:​

Bravo, Studio.h!"

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