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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Tangible Waves AE Modular 3-Row Custom System 31 Modules, Cables, PSU, etc. Exc.

via this auction

"Custom (1 of 1) AE Modular rig by Tangible Waves. This is NOT the AE Starter 1 and 2 combined, this unit was hand built by the company’s founder, and the man himself, Robert Langer. This is an AMAZINGLY capable modular rig that goes well above and beyond both the AE Modular Starter Rack 1 and/or 2. It has been assembled, tested, hardly used, for all intents and purposes.. brand new.

Included Modules (from left to right, top to bottom in the images):

1. TRIQ 164 - 4-track, 16-step trigger sequencer
2. TOPOGRAF - topographic drum sequencer (like Grids)
3. KICK - pure analog kick drum
4. DRUMKIT 010 - 11-sample, 8-bit drum sound generator
5. MIXER 4-4 - audio mixer (4 inputs)
6. QUANTIZER - automatic musical scales
7. 2CVTOOL - attenuverter
8. POLAMIX - 3-channel attenuverter/mixer
9. ADSR - classic 4-stage envelope
10. SOLINA - 70’s string machine emulator
11. MASTER I/O - 5V voltage regulator, MIDI input, in/out sockets, all bus signals
12. 2OSC/d - 2, 1V-per-octave, hybrid oscillators
13. VCO - classic VCO, 2 CV inputs, 1V-per-octave
14. FMOS - digital oscillator, FM synthesis
15. NOISE - 2-output noise generator (A output is analog, D output is digital)
16. 2LFO - dual LFO, multiple waveforms, triangle/sawtooth blending
17. SVFILTER - classic state variable filter
18. WASPFILTER - 70’s EDP Wasp synth filter emulator (filter)
19. MS20 FILTER - Korg MS-20 filter emulator (filter)
20. WAVEFOLDER - wavefolder, clips and folds incoming waveforms
21. 2ENV - dual attack-decay, switchable envelope
22. 2VCA - 2 separate VCA’s (voltage controlled amplifiers)
23. BEAT DIVIDER - takes incoming clock signal and divides it into musical clock divisions (1/2-1/32)
24. SEQ8 - 8-step sequencer —
25. SEQ16 - 16-step sequencer
26. MIXER 4-4 - audio mixer (4 inputs)
27. LOGIC - multi-function, logical module (trigger/gate signals, audio signals (resulting in ringmodulator-like sounds)
28. 2S&H - classic sample and hold (trigger freeze), randomized
29. 2ATT/CV - 2 units for simple level attenuation of any signal
30. DELAY Lofi - standard mono delay
31. MULTIFX - high quality stereo digital FX, 15 different FX programs

The total cost of these modules alone is $1,170.00 if purchased separately.
Plus, the Racks, PSU etc.The cases are extensible; via the included joint kit. Another case of this type can be attached at a free angle (just like the other case included in this listing). The bus is connected via a short connector cable (included). The system ships with everything needed to get started, including: Universal/global power supply with connectors for most common outlets worldwide, a MIDI breakout cable, the joint kit, a TON of patch cables (12 each - 10cm, 17cm, 25cm, and 6 each - 40cm and 55cm. 48 patch cables = $225 worth of patch cables, as well as a quick start guide and all original/factory packaging.

Large case (two row) dimensions: 41.3 x 21.7 x 4.5 cm (width x depth x height)
Small case (one row) dimensions: 41.3 x 11.3 x 4.5 cm (width x depth x height)

There are apprx. 70 Modules available for the expandable 'AE System' currently, many more being developed."

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