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Thursday, March 11, 2021

Tesseract Modular Tukra, FranKinksTides, & Radioactive Eurorack Modules

1. Tukra - audio examples
All audio recorded directly from Tukra's stereo output.
00:00​ - Intro
00:06​ - Drum synth used for melody & bass
00:55​ - Master filter
01:18​ - Triplets and micro grid
01:55​ - Bass line with the drum synth
02:28​ - Pattern with different track length
02:58​ - track 6
03:40​ - Filter & bit crusher
05:21​ - Pattern with a different drum kit on each track
06:41​ - Bye
2. TUKRA - introduction video
This is a brief overview of TUKRA, an eurorack trigger sequencer with audio and midi.
3. TUKRA - basics
Basic edit tools (copy, paste, random, clear)
Encoder's secondary function is always track selection, click it to switch the function.
TUKRA playing the same pattern with different songs (each song has it's own settings for the drums, mixer, modulation...)
5. Making melodies with FranKinksTides as function generator
6. Tesseract Radioactive Demo 2
Radioactive is a small but powerful 14-bit analog modelling voltage-controlled digital sound source: a complete voice Eurorack module in 6HP.
See for more. Modules featured above:

TUKRA is an 8 track eurorack trigger sequencer with audio and midi.
This module can be an ‘all in one’ solution for drums in your rack, but it also has great integration capabilities with other gear (eurorack modules, drum boxes, DAWs, midi devices and midi surface controllers).
There are no submenus, all functions and views are accessible all the time.
Brief overview:
Up to 64 steps per pattern, 64 patterns, 64 parts and 16 songs per project. 64 projects in the microSD card.
Play mode, clock divider, length & choke settings independent per track & pattern.
Step value (can be used for modulation, to define the midi velocity, midi note & drum synth pitch or sample selection).
32 HP

FranKinksTides is a 18hp dual Tides (based on the Swirls pcb layout) with the max/min circuit from Kinks and some switches for sync, quadrature, pll and fm operation . It can be a double/complex oscillator, a dual function generator or any combination of oscillator, Lfo and Envelope generator with lots of cv control plus some interesting cross-modulation and sync features.
some improvements in version 1.2:
-Mix output is now buffered, no signal bleeding on single outs.
-Mix pot controls also the balance of the signals sent to the max/min circuit.
-Uni/bi switch now also determines the signal sent to FM1.
-Clock/sync switch has now a center OFF position, no need of plugging a dummy cable in the Clock1 when using Sheeps firmware to avoid ultra fast sound bank changes.
small improvements for DIY:
-Bigger font size on the pcb.
-Parts renumbered for easy DIY.
original design by Émilie Gillet

Also see the demo by Stefan Tretau here.

Radioactive is a small but powerful 14-bit analog modelling voltage-controlled digital sound source: a complete voice Eurorack module in 6HP. It consists of 3 simultaneous independent oscillators, voltage-controlled AR/ASR transient generator, voltage-controlled pitch slew (glide) and voltage-controlled waveshaper with 5 different modes, but that's just the beginning. Its forte consists of selectable gate/trigger/constant envelope timing signals, rather unique 3-voice polyphonic mode, semitone-quantized mode, voltage-controlled waveform selection, on-the-fly selectable 10Vpp CV input range with offset (except for Pitch), a few experimental features, and then some.
Under the hood, it's a chiptune-inspired wavetable-gnawing sound cruncher with a mind of it's own, and oh boy it's dirty. It could be described as raw and untamed, but it would probably be an understatement.

Also see the Tesseract Nutella demo by Quincas aka Synth DIY Guy here.

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