MATRIXSYNTH: Hydrasynth 1.5.3 update April 2021

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Hydrasynth 1.5.3 update April 2021

video by Ken Flux Pierce Fluxwithit

"New Hydrasynth update notes
Add more velocity options in system page 3
Fix the unbalanced velocity response of white and black keys.
Don't respond to MIDI start anymore if the clock sync is internal
Add more time resolution to delay and delay modulation
change the vel off position in mod src
Distort FX preset Drive1 change default Asym value to 0
Hand hold note will be hold if you play many other note quickly with sustain pedal
Make the mutant shift+ratio smoother

Bug fix
Trigger Single/OFF LFO possible to have a delay at the note start if you play very quickly
Block light show if you are calibrating the ribbon
LFO mod ENV attack may not be on time
unit sends pitch&mod wheel message during boot
After save, the browser button was highlighted
Notes messages not in MIDI RX affected the ARP
In category sort, and receive a program change which is not in this category, caused some problem
ARP's first note has a delay with external clock
Playing keyboard with MIDI RX may cause hang note.
LFO step 54 lost in patch save
Big ID macro mod little ID macro didn't work
hold a key and turn on ARP then turn off ARP will cause some note problem
mono aftertouch will be hold to 7X in MIDI Loop
Play a mono sound, play E, D, C, and released C, it went back to E. should go back to D
Some HP parameter changed the OSC pitch
Mod wheel tempo didn't follow the BPM change when BPM sync on"

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