MATRIXSYNTH: Korg Opsix - Sensitive FM Keys Presets (Demo/No Talking)

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Korg Opsix - Sensitive FM Keys Presets (Demo/No Talking)

video by Anton Anru

"Welcome to the soundset for Korg Opsix - Sensitive Keys.
It is a collection of 50 beautiful keys presets: pianos, plucks, mallets, bells, stabs, synths, organs, brasses, clavinets, and others. This bank of presets will give you a wide palette of sounds: gentle and rough, dry and wet, acoustic-like and electronic, soft and clicky, short and sustained.

🔔 Get "Sensitive Keys" soundset:

All the presets are very lively and expressive. Velocity controls envelope, tone, effects, etc. This gives an illusion of a real acoustic instrument articulation.
ModWheel adds new colors to each timbre. Movement: tremolo, vibrato, or filter modulation; brightness and power, new layers and effects; attack and decay behavior.

Opsix parts are composed and performed by Dmitry Chemyrev.
For some presets we chose a 5-octave midi keyboard to play parts with wider notes range.

00:00​ Smooth Strike
00:54​ Miraculous, Languid, That Organ
01:50​ Lame Bottom, Gentle Words, Resonant Highs, Ultra Tap
02:21​ Enigmatic, Wah Clavi, Water Pipes
03:01​ Distorted Story
04:09​ Saturated, Gentle Words, Taste of Nature
04:53​ Intimate Night, Clicky
05:29​ Ancient Cave
06:37​ Harmonica
07:01​ Warm Motherland, Universal EP, Languid
08:18​ Bright Bottles
08:54​ Piano for Kids, Glider
09:46​ Major Mood, Soft Brass, Dreamy Plucks
10:31​ Unison Organ
11:10​ Midnight Sorrow
11:47​ Postponement, Sharp Mallets
12:18​ Gentle Words
13:10​ Toy Keys, Organic Stab, Faraway Country, Wide & Round
14:32​ Rich Warmness
15:16​ Bright Pluck
15:43​ Digital Aftertaste"

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