MATRIXSYNTH: Relight - A Synth Jam with the Blofeld and the Specular Tempus

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Relight - A Synth Jam with the Blofeld and the Specular Tempus

video by Lanthan O'Ide

"A retrofuturistic synth jam, performed in an age when a stainless steel rocket has just been chosen to go to the moon. Exciting times. :)
For those playing along at home:
The tempo is at 60 BPM, and the key is E major.
About the title:

This one is space-flight related, and oddly specific. :)
In general, successfully relighting a spacecraft's engines is a cause for cheering at mission control. Because a) restarting a rocket motor is more tricky than restarting a car's engine, and b) if the engines fail to relight, things will go bad and / or explodey fast.

But, for me, the term "relight" is inseperable from the Everyday Astronaut's callout during Starship SN8's test flight.
I had stayed up late that night (CET) to watch together with hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world as SpaceX attempted a high-altitude test flight with a Starship prototype for the very first time. Watching the rocket master almost every single one of it's spectacular maneuvres at the first try was absolutely pure joy.
After the vessel came skydiving from 10 km up while moving itself precisely over the landing pad, having the engines relight to actually transition to the landing burn was just the cherry on top.
(And then the landing ALMOST went explosion-free. But hey, still an incredible success overall)"

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