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Thursday, May 06, 2021

New MIDIMini Demos by Studio Electronics

Chords, Rings, and Feedback Wars video by StudioElectronics

"It’s all about the gain staging in this discrete beast: processing and managing the relative levels in each step of the V’s audio signal flow to allow for the introduction of desired noise and distortion. Clean is easy.

Feedback (loop), FBK (feedback) Gain, Amp Drive, individual Oscillator levels, and the main Volume all interact and alter one cherished fact after another; the 24dB ladder to heaven is also… everything, except for the burnished bookends, the dualistic dynamism of synthesizer tone: Ringmod and Crossmod. Fans of our ATC know this verity well–enjoy in somewhat better fidelity on our SoundCloud page.

Spoiler Alert! it really starts to get layered and multi dimensional and very satisfying, at around 7:27​. Now go back and listen to the whole thing from the beginning.

Just a touch of compression from our vintage dbx 163X during tracking, into the my marvelous DP10 (will never switch), and a spot of verb in the last few seconds—the balance is pristine and massive Midimini V30."

Midimini Chordhestra

"Chords come 1st in this 'V30 ladder filter fantasy, some expressed as single sample Midimini/DP Nanosampler stretches, others as “Split Notes” multi-tracked affairs: you work out the chords in your heart, head, and hands—sometimes painstakingly—then break ‘em apart note by note, one track at a time, throwing yourself back to the storied days of analog monophonic scoring, in this time, with your DAW staring back at you, not the tracking engineer you almost like.

Motu's DP10 and Kyle Kilpatrick's Polyseq melodic minor bassline—and my misunderstanding of it—and Jomox drum innovations, propelled the polyphonic purpose... powerfully. Just bangin' out ideas on the Moog One in quiet Corona, CA with Tortoises and joyous Finley and fam—a welcome mat sized by respect—a week or so before this tortured reality, was all life needed to be.

I did get to some lead work—wasn't expecting to go there—thanks to the deep gain-staging of the '30 and a Feedback test for the benefit of Mr. St. Regis (Greg). Oh yes, there are at least 8 tracks of bass, and sometimes they all play together peacefully, like my early 1940’s Caprettas in this cherished photograph of Mary St. Regis (zoom in subject), taken in Cleveland, OH—Mafia City—down around the corner from 110th and Woodland, cf.​

Multiple Sentence Fragment Alert! All Boomstar Brotherhood drum samples too (99% SE-80), except for the Morph the Cat kick. Easter Eggs in keeping with the upcoming composite, likely fractured holyday.

MSR 3.27.20" Practical Man Suite - Live V30 (v2)

"I just wanted to play that dirty synth bass like my man @buscrates, a fellow SE-02/Ext Box enthusiast, and funk savant. This was waaay back in August of 2018; and this is what I got myself into. Think I ended up with at least 20 tracks of bass (understatement). Good thing they aren't all playing at once. Not sure when I happened upon the sumptuous, and highly melodious Nikki Giovanni/James Baldwin interview, but it provided the conceptual, conversational glue & gumption, and ultimately the energy and vibe to track, and capture a live Midimini V30 performance on top of the mountain of tracked SE-02, and V30 adventures.

Initially this was just an SE-02/Ext Box offering, the focus being the usefulness, and potency of this surprising monosynth—as if it possessed the secret means of every instrument necessary—especially when multitracked, and the grit, push, and smooth cutoff sweeping the Ext Box gives. The ’02 seemed to be more than enough analog; then the Midimini V30 crashed the party, and the piece I was near convinced (read panicked) I would never complete, got a fresh coat of paint & purpose—a rebirth of the cool, so to speak. And my, my... these two kissing cousins sure sounded good together. One programmable, and CC-powerful, with that dope delay, feedback, and unique 3x crossmod, the other, a semi-modular, through-hole, complex gain-staging, fire-breathing 1980s-90s-2000s-strong, bass beast of burden. The V30 is also delivering some gorgeous lead line moods, with the Ext Box (yes you read that right) drive boosting, bumping, and smoothly filtering it: hi pass too. I TOLD Greg St. Regis it would work wonders on our 30th anniversary Midimini! Takes a bit of extra cabling is all.

All of the Analog synth polyphony is SE-02, built using the indispensable "Split Notes" feature in Motu's DP10. The organy, dreamy, digital, sometimes hashy chording, features two tracks of free-ranging Quadnic; Grainy Clampit adds to the Electone colors, and Boom* SE-80 hi hats, snares, clap & kick."

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